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Pennsylvania Drug Court Lends Woman Money for Abortion
Final Exit Network defendants said that hospice is just assisted suicide in slow motion. This is dangerous demagoguery that could convince people not to seek the benefits that hospice can provide. The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization has now issued a press release rebutting the baseless charge.

Pushing to Experiment on Alzheimer’s Patients

State senator says “Regents of the University of California have been conducting an experiment on women” by allowing Planned Parenthood to train non-physicians to perform abortions

Could St. Louis lose its Catholic hospitals under new federal abortion legislation?

Assisted suicide group expects ‘cultural shift’ in Washington state

Another blow to fatherhood: IVF mothers can name ANYONE as ‘father’ on birth certificate

Stem Cell Research- Cord Blood Stem Cells Give Spinal Cord Injury Patient Feeling In His Body Again

Two-year-old girl can see for the first time following stem cell treatment

New Eugenics: Selecting Embryos for Eye and Hair Color

Lead Into Gold: IPS Cells Advances Continue

Pluripotent Self-Delusion – Embryonic-stem-cell research tramples upon human dignity By Mona Charen

Three Babies Born From Cloning? I don’t believe a word of it. Wesley Smith

Drinking intellectual hemlock at The University of Calgary
A university is using police and the courts to silence students instead of allowing for the free inquiry they claim to support.

Palin Alaska Supreme Court Pick: 2nd Woman, Former Planned Parenthood Board Member


Sebelius nomination puts DC archbishop in spotlight

Kathleen Sebelius Explains Being a Pro-Choice Pro-Lifer

Matthews: Will Sebelius Survive ‘Terrorism of the Anti-Abortion People?’

The Sebelius Challenge By George Weigel
The Sebelius nomination is fraught with danger on several fronts. Vigorous, Internet-based support for Sebelius’ nomination is already being offered by many of the same Catholic intellectuals who argued that Barack Obama was the real pro-life candidate in 2008.

“26 prominent Catholics back Sebelius pick,” proclaims the National “Catholic” Reporter headline:

Sebelius’s Pro-Abortion Partner

New Catholic website protests Gov. Sebelius’ Cabinet nomination


Senator: I will defy Obama if he repeals Abortion ‘Conscience Clause’—I-will-defy-Obama-if-he-repeals-Abortion-Conscience-Clause

Senate Committee Ignores Outcry, Confirms Porn Lawyer. Specter told National Public Radio he had never seen so much opposition from voters — 11,000 phone calls, letters and other contacts with the committee.

They say talk is cheap. But in fact it can be devastatingly expensive. Among the generation of Germans who were enthralled by Hitler’s eloquence, millions paid with their lives and their children’s lives for empowering this demagogue to lead them to ruin and infamy.

Obama’s pro-life backers risk usurping bishops by redefining Catholic life

Barack Obama may subject US troops to International Criminal Court

Obama is in trouble – Did you feel it? The political ground shifting beneath President Barack Obama since his speech last week to Congress? It’s been  downhill since

More Government, Less God: What the Obama Revolution Means for Religion in America
the nanny state he is seeking to build will likely crowd out religious institutions in America.

Obama wants to crush conservatives

Cramer on Obama: ‘It’s Amateur Hour at Our Darkest Moment’

The Obama Economy – As the Dow keeps dropping, the President is running out of people to blame.

‘Fixes’ killing the market – When will someone concede that to redistribute or nationalize wealth is to steal it, not create it?

David Brooks Wakes Up Late: ‘Barack Obama Is Not Who We Thought He Was’

Wikipedia scrubs Obama eligibility – Mention of citizenship issues deleted in minutes, ‘offending’ users banned

Obama overturns Bush endangered species rule


Susan Estrich Warns Democrats About Dangers of Attacking Rush Limbaugh

Senior White House aide guiding anti-Rush Limbaugh strategy…

Rush unloads on RNC’s Michael Steele – Where are your guts? Why can’t you tie Obama to these policies?’


A little more whiplash from Kmiec

Douglas Kmiec comes out against Proposition 8…


Why would a Catholic agency ask for involvement with the abortion industry?

Boston cardinal backs Catholic agency’s bid for contract involving abortion coverage

Cardinal says atheist’s theories “absurd”

“Exposing children to unapproved religious activities”; Teen counselor sues employer after she’s suspended from work for inadvertently allowing youngsters to hear ‘Christian music’ during beach outing

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from a New Jersey high school football coach who wants to bow his head and kneel during prayers led by his players,

If Pope Benedict is out of touch…

Bishop receives death threats for denouncing human trafficking rings

Just what religion is promoted at Cardinal Mahony’s so-called “Catholic congress?” Subversive and heterodox groups take center stage in LA

The Voice of America Silenced on Radical Islam

Critic Says Islamic Extremism Gets Whitewashed in American Textbooks. Publishers are afraid of the Islamist activists. They don’t want trouble,2933,504944,00.html


Student actors from Catholic high school will perform ‘gay-friendly’ play at ‘gay-friendly’ San Francisco parish

Married gays in Mass. sue US for federal benefits

Young conservatives misled on homosexual issue

Transsexual takes case to tribunal after claiming to be denied access to women’s only area of gym

Canadian Government Minister Jason Kenney backs refugee status for gay Iranians


U.S. rescue efforts may risk double-dip recession

Head of market analysis for Schneider Foreign Exchange Stephen Gallo told CNBC yesterday that the financial crisis will lead to the creation of a global central bank and a global single currency within 15 years

Terence Corcoran: The Big Global Screw-up – Understanding systemic failure on this scale requires much more than name-calling and cheap accusations aimed at bankers


Global Warming: On Hold? According to a new study, global warming may have hit a speed bump and could go into hiding for decades.

CO2 a pollutant? ‘Ridiculous,’ says scientist

If We Don’t Legislate Morality, Immorality Rules – Pat Boone

Tories and Libs focusing on ‘key battleground’ of fertile Ontario

Government: In search of the real Harper – Has the PM really pulled the ultimate about-face?

Home schoolers swarm to defend education

A commercial for adultery?

Palin’s biographer impressed with the governor – her presence on the GOP ticket would have made the election much closer than it turned out.

Congressman: Demise of old media mostly for better

Illinois’ Cook County Craigslist is top source of prostitution

Fictional drivel- The Handmaid’s Tale – It is drivel because it is a paranoiac fantasy whose principal purpose and effect is to stir up hatred of men – Barbara Kay, National Post

Rick Santorum speech at Conservative Political Action Conference 2009 – Did conservatism fail America? I would say that what happened was conservatives failed conservatism, and that failed America. Why has the movement floundered?  Ethical lapses, incompetence, and a loss of principles