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  Compiled by Steve Jalsevac

‘Institute for Women’ created in Panama to promote abortion

  Born-alive abortion movie stuns viewers -Film based on mom’s true story reaches new audiences, including Congress

  Award to Justice Breyer spurs Catholic protest

  Advances in stem cell research – Is choosing between good science and good ethics a thing of the past?

  Bishop Olmsted’s booklet on Catholic civics reaches more than 100,000

  Bishops in Spain reiterate legitimacy of conscientious objection to government school course

  Noisy scenes in parliament over Orissa violence

  Canadian Bishops sound alarm on Indian persecution

  Poll: Young Catholics Are Socialist

  Vatican switchboard sees a human touch as the answer,0,4468154.story

  Same-sex marriage will impact all families and children, video shows

  Homosexuality: chaos behind the scenes in the Diocese of London

  Quantum of Failures – Forget the markets: massive government failure is behind world financial chaos

  UCLA Economists: Government Intervention Prolonged Great Depression

  The economy hasn’t hit bottom yet. Neither, in all likelihood, have stocks