Days after it stops, NYC teen’s heart begins to beat again—miracleheart0212feb12,0,5361536.story?coll=ny-top-headlines

  Abortionists envision huge new clinic in Portugal

  London’s  Harley Street may end abortions

  Characteristics of women undergoing repeat induced abortion

  Pro-lifers encourage New Hampshire legislature to keep parental notification laws

  Embryonic stem cell pioneer says cures likely decades away

  C.S. Lewis’‘Screwtape Letters’ to be released as major motion picture

  Rove: 2008 Race Is Already Too Much, Too Soon

  Governments starting to realize that promoting condoms has left things worse, not better.

  Happy Darwin Day! Celebrating mankind’s discovery of eugenics.

  Talking Points: CWA urges lawmakers to resist mandating HPV vaccine

  Catholic mother continues to fight unwanted divorces

  Hate Bloggers, Death Threats and Apologies Abound

  Ten Commandments ‘cover-up’ revealed at Supreme Court

  Cardinal Zen says China’s actions are acts of war

  Archbishop of Canterbury’s peace talks in Tanzania, east Africa threatened

  U.S. Men and women 65 and older who chose to live together without getting married had nearly doubled since 1989

  A young nun defends vulgar Vagina Monologues

  US Supreme Court asked to decide legal battle between states over same-sex unions

  Rep. Nancy Pelosi does her part to intensify global warming

  On Comparing Global Warming Denial to Holocaust Denial

  Sen. Coburn Says Global AIDS Fund Unaccountable

  Ontario Health Minister reveals plans to ‘marry’ his long-time, same-sex partner and adopt

  Gay Activists Decry Michigan Court Ruling

  Utah Legislature Approves State-Wide School Voucher Program

  Telus to keep phone smut

  Records recount moves of Wis. priest with history of abuse

  Congressmen vow to investigate ‘Tiller the Killer’

  Hilarious Video: Quadruplets respond to father’s funny faces

  The story of armless musician Tony Mendalez – brief, moving video in Spanish

  An experiment that hints we are wrong on climate change

  Global warming is a theory, not scientific fact

  Abe Lincoln’s surprising strength may have been the depression he suffered

  Vaccine Project Receives Papal Applause  

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