Protecting the Unborn: It’s Genetic!

  Senator Brownback Reintroduces the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act

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  Chinese army ‘harvesting body parts’

  In his State of the Union address, President Bush missed a valuable opportunity to address the needless HIV/AIDS epidemic within US border

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  Knowing the Enemy: Dinesh D’Souza on Islam, America, and the Left’s Responsibility for 9/11

  Paul M. Barrett’s American Islam

  Educators Boo Education Secretary over school choice

  Beatles tapped into mysterious force in rebellious, racous decade of ‘sixties’

  Students risk academic, social ostracism in challenge to college culture

  Decision to Have Baby Isn’t Political, Mary Cheney Says

  Homosexuality: A Catholic’s Journey

  Wal-Mart still dabbling in support of homosexual agenda

  Gay tourist hotels fear equality law,,2-2577580,00.html

  Wait! Don’t Buy Microsoft Windows Vista,128669-page,1/article.html

  Teen honored for commitment to pro-life program despite obstacles

  Christian Comeback in Europe

  Australian Abortionist accused of fabricating evidence

  Global trade in human eggs thriving

  Russian Church backs ban on gay pride parade in Moscow

  Italian govt pushing ahead with plan to give unmarried couples legal rights

  International Criminal court to decide Monday on launching 1st trial

  Hymns replaced by Bono lyrics at church

  Report: World’s Oldest New Mom Lied About Age before Fertility Treatment

  Terri Schiavo’s Brother: If Only My Sister Were A Convicted Murderer

  See a great video of the US March for Life by the Dominican Friars

  China’s one-child policy is already souring its phenomenal economic growth.

  An upcoming African Union meeting could enshrine a right to abortion in many countries

  Richard Dawkin’s tale, full of sound and fury, raises questions about his own grip on reality.

  The Cardinal’s Sins – Edward J. Egan’s many problems as archbishop of New York

  Preaching the climate catechism

  Canadian Family values battle takes another form – income splitting

  Phone porn is too much

  Of free will and God – response to physical naturalism claims

  Militant Atheists, Agnostics Seek to Expunge Lord’s Prayer from Ontario municipal councils

  Canadians Buying Organs of Executed Chinese: MP

  Stephane Dion Wants MORE Safe-Injection Sites

  Revenue Canada Joining Cartel in Use of ‘Web Spiders’,72564-0.html?tw=wn_index_14

  ‘Sustainable development’ imposed on Washingtonians

  Courting Judges in the State of the Union

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