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  Canada’s “Human Rights” Commission Wants More Complaints. Exaggerate the threat in order to justify government powers to deal with it? – Mark Steyn

  Pressure is building on UK MPs over whether or not to cut the legal time limit for abortion.

  Planned Parenthood takes horrific toll on African-Americans, should lose federal funding

  Black Pro-Lifers Protest Planned Parenthood, Criticize Obama

  Survey Shows Unwed Mothers May See Abortion as Their Only Choice

  Margaret Sanger’s Dirty Little Secret By Judie Brown

  Survivor says U.S. shares guilt for China’s abortions – Consumerism pushes factories, boosts pressure to limit children

  If one were to hold a “most dogged foe of unborn human life in the U.S. Senate” contest, the competition would be stiff, it may be impossible to beat Senator Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.) for all-around crassness and truly breathtaking statements

  Jewish Community should oppose embryo bill

  Fact or fiction, the Yale abortion project makes an impact

  Wilmut Says Human Cloning Research “Unnecessary”

  A man who suffered a heart attack just eight days ago has said he is feeling “practically 100 per cent” after taking part in a pioneering stem cell programme.

  Swiss ethics committee expounded on the rights of plants

  Hey, John McCain: Have you bothered watching the ad you condemned yet?; NYTimes piles on

  Ron Paul is down but not out – got 16 percent of the vote Tuesday, continues to be a presence in GOP contest

  Excerpts from Wright’s sermons

  How Gay Activism Shapes U.S. Politics

  Why be surprised that totalitarian solutions to mythical problems wind up causing real devastation? By Mark Steyn

  Greenpeace founder now backs nuclear power, says there is no proof global warming is caused by humans,

  The campaign against climate change could be set back by the global food crisis

  Sting’s Wife Admits They’re Hypocrites About Global Warming

  Biblical Scholars Challenge Pelosi’s ‘Scripture’ Quote for Earth Day

  Alaska governor gives birth to son with Down’s Syndrome

  The New Civil Rights Movement By Kathryn Jean Lopez

  The rumor in Catholic circles last week was Bush is destined to pull a Tony Blair — become a Catholic after his White House years. One oped columnist already went so far as to wonder if he was a secret Catholic.

  Pope brought America new perceptions and challenging ideas, says George Weigel

  This Pope, who without success has tried to rekindle the spark of the Church in Western Europe, has turned to the United States as a religious ally in struggle against radical Islam – By Paul M. Weyrich

  Pope, in funeral Mass, praises Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo for his anti-abortion stand

  China moves to limit access to Catholic shrine in Shanghai

  Why Muslims Convert to Christianity

  Yoko Ono sues “Expelled” filmmakers over critique of Lennon’s “Imagine”

  School says transportation OK for student clubs… unless they’re Christian

  Hollywood Director of “Basic Instinct” Paul Verhoeven’s new book claims Jesus fathered by a Roman soldier who raped Mary

  Fourth annual event sponsored by ADF to allow students to peacefully express Christian viewpoint on homosexual behavior

  Group in process of trying to remove abstinence funding from PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief)- Says US should export more female condoms – CNS

  Meet the UN’s new Human Rights Council.

  Who Is to Blame for American Teens Ignorant of History and Literature?

  FBI Director, ‘We’re Losing’ the Child Porn War

  Massachusetts high school principal sends letter warning parents about “hate speech” against upcoming pro-homosexual “Day of Silence”.

  Effort intensifies for same-sex marriage ban in California, supporters of initiative to ban it in the state’s Constitution submitted more than 1.1 million signatures

  LA archdiocese uses Catholic schools as collateral for loan to help pay off sex-abuse settlement

  Gender doesn’t trump humanity

  Moscow authorities set to ban gay parade again