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  The Papal Week That Was – By Richard John Neuhaus

“We need the children who are aborted,” Austrian bishop says in response to anti-life resolution

  Rush Limbaugh – most of what the pope said over the weekend was profound.  It was in awe.

  It was beautiful. If you didn’t get choked up, you weren’t alive – Peggy Noonan on the Pope’s St. Patrick’s Mass

  In Wake Of Pope What We Need Now Is The Complete Cleansing Of Our Priesthood, says Catholic website editor

  A papal message about academic freedom By Star Parker

  MSM Papal Trip Postmortem: Benedict Did ‘Better Than Expected’

  Even for non-Catholics like me, there’s something comforting about a stubborn pope in a world of moral relativity. Like a strong father, he ignores his children’s pleas for leniency knowing that his rules, though tough, serve a higher purpose – National

  Dictatorship of Relativism – The pope bears important truths about the roots of our experiment in liberty – National Review

  The ACLU strangely silent, nowhere in evidence over Pope visit – Pat Boone

  Moscow Patriarchate believes in strategic alliance with Catholics

  Who needs the pope when we’ve got Fr. McBrien? – Dissident theologian invited to speak at Catholic school in Atherton

  Pro-life Catholics plan own lobbying efforts in Sacramento because bishops’ agenda fails to mention protection of the unborn

  Pelosi takes Communion at papal Mass – She worries about human rights and climate change, but loses no sleep over abortion or human embryos used as spare parts

  Giuliani breaks rules by having Communion at papal mass

  Church critic “outs” American Cardinal McCarrick

  10 Myths About Priestly Pedophilia

  Washington Post Faults Catholic Church Teaching for Filipino Poverty

  Beijing orders the political re-education of communists in Tibet

  Spanking ban advances despite testimony from mom

  Likely Erroneous Supreme Court Retirement Rumors

  GOP senator strikes deal on Bush’s judicial nominees

  Obama is flush with money to spend; Clinton in debt

  How the world was misled about global warming and now climate change

  Cardinal Pell disputes global warming hypothesis

  Gore Used Fictional Video to Illustrate ‘Inconvenient Truth’

“Global warming”, now called “climate change”, is not about saving the planet, it’s about increasing government control of your life.

  Large Families Aren’t Dooming the Planet, Says ‘Demographic Winter’ Producer

  Gore’s Alarmism Failing: Concern for Global Warming Same as 19 Years Ago!

  Blizzard forced Edmonton Earth Day festivities to be relocated

  Vancouver region Friday night and Saturday represented the latest snowfall ever on record.

  Vista’s 11 Pillars of Failure,2817,2286065,00.asp

  The Cruelty of the ‘Pro-Choice’ Crowd

  Assisted Suicide Ideologues Pour in the $ for I 1000 – Wesley Smith

  Thin Skinned Richard Dawkins Can’t Take a Joke – Wesley Smith

  The Ethical Stem Cell Research Tax-Credit Act would provide a federal tax rebate to stem-cell researchers if their work doesn’t involve death or danger to human embryos.

  Shari’a-Compliant Financing Described As New Islamist Threat

  When Muslims become Christians

  New Islamic Group To Combat Extremism,,91211-1313547,00.html?f=rss

  A fine line between jihad and insanity

  The Roots of Terrorism and the Source of Freedom – President Bush has shown a fundamental  misunderstanding of the attraction of Islamism. Neither evangelization nor the inculcation of philosophy have been important, crucially needed components of U.S.’s Forum on Religion: Great Place to Bash Christians

  Three Ways to Expose the Partly Natural Family

  English diocese to stop adoption work because of gay-rights laws

“Anti-Bullying” bill passes Massachusetts Senate – with major modifications after MassResistance testimony & pressure.

  ACLU defends Poway student who protested Day of Silence

  The American Psychiatric Association has agreed to host a discussion on religion and therapy for homosexuality. Next month they’ll bring in conservative theologians and pro-gay voices to duke it out in two debates.