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  Italians say goodbye to courageous mother who sacrificed her life to save child

  Feminists seeking pressure from Europe to legalize abortion in Latin America

  Is Tiller Above the Law?

  ‘Silent No More’ Leaders Urge Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry to Sign Pro-Life Bill

  A Life Win – NARAL’s disinformation campaign doesn’t seem to have worked in Maryland- National Review

  Catholic Conference’s agenda makes no mention whatsoever of unfettered, tax-funded abortions in California.

“Good parents in California could be jailed,” unless they rise up and oppose a bill intended to ban the spanking of children, a conservative group is warning.

  Obama promises ‘gays’ ‘strongest possible bill’ – Tells homosexual mag he’s ‘more vocal’ for them than any candidate in history. “I for a very long time have been interested in repeal of DOMA” (Defense of Marriage Act)

  Meet Obama’s circle: The same old America-hating Left.

  Something Beautiful Has Begun – John Paul made you burst into tears. Benedict makes you think; Now Benedict comes to America – Peggy Noonan

  Benedict to the UN: In Defense of Natural Law – December 10, 1948: Keep your eye on that date when UN General Assembly adopted Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Russell Shaw

  Media Savvy Catholics and Protestants Teaming Up to Preserve Shared Values, Author Says – we are in the last generation of left-leaning bishops

  Benedict XVI will be welcomed by many American Protestants when he visits the US next week.

  Listening to Benedict By Richard John Neuhaus

  Institutionalized Dissent Greets the Holy Father – Deal W. Hudson

  The pope is a brave man – National Review

  What Benedict Sees in U.S.

  Air Force Academy cuts “anti-Catholic” film clips from religion seminar

  The ultimate conversation stopper: does life have meaning?

  Repression touches the whole of China, not Tibet only

  It was a mistake to allow a cruel dictatorship to host the Olympics

  Award-winning movie “Bella” to be made into novel

  Hollywood Agenda:’ Day The Earth Stood Still’ Remake Is All About Global Warming!

  Biofuel Madness: Environmentalism exploited for political purposes

  Were the Next President to do all in His or Her Power to Ensure that Federal Obscenity Laws are Enforced Vigorously, Three Out of Four Adults Would Support that President

  Ezra Levant: Richard Warman has sued me—and other conservative bloggers

  Big push by Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network expanding into Boston middle schools, promoting transgenderism and  gay activism & radical politics

  Fingerprints ‘not particularly private,’ U.S. security czar says

  Gay graveyard opened in Copenhagen