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  Bill would let families try to stop abortions

  Arizona Governor Vetoes Two Abortion Bills,2933,346613,00.html

  Ultrasound making in-roads in pro-life arena; So. Dakota latest to join

  Let’s call it the ‘Wrong choice movement’ By Deacon Keith Fournier

  Half of Kansas abortions on visitors

  Choosing to eliminate unwanted daughters

  Democrats Allow Pro-Life Voice on Party Platform, Life advocates predict it will be ‘nothing more than window dressing.’

  Newsweek Anoints Squishy Methodist as New Kind of Evangelical on Abortion

  Parkinson’s Disease Apparently Attacks Cell Grafts

  Breakdown in families ‘as destructive as effects of global warming’

  Efforts to collect signatures to put marriage amendment on California ballot in November have been so successful organizers are having a hard time processing petitions

  Europe – a return to a classical understanding of marriage, based on monogamy, heterosexuality, stability, a formal commitment and an orientation toward forming a family.

  The Idiotic Column of the Week  – Critic blasts Pope for baptising Muslim

  Sacramental nature of marriage all but forgotten in US, among Catholics, nearly 1 in 3 “indissoluble bonds” end in divorce

  Catholic website drawing thousands back to faith

  Chinese dissident: criticism of Beijing’s repression is the true sign of the Olympic spirit

  Is Prostitution Just Another Job?

  School’s cross-dressing day angers Christian network

  McDonald’s tries to be confusing about its support of the gay agenda

  Little by little: Ted Kennedy continues to push for homosexual cause

  Personal threat to Lexington schools superintendent over homosexual programs sparks Boston media

  Windows 7 in ‘next year or so’, says Gates,2817,2281640,00.asp