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Famous U.S. Catholic Philosopher and Prolific Author Dr. Peter Kreeft:
  * “We are living in a spiritual Hiroshima. The Catholic Church is full of psychobabble. Our bishops have all the courage and behavior of rabbits.”
  * “The Catholic Church has lost the power to arrest the decline of our culture.”
  * “Ours is not a “Culture of Death,” but a “Culture of Murder.”
  * “The Christian religion is now in decline, and the Antichrist is now winning, because he has convinced most people to bypass that simple word: reason. Most people today “feel;” they no longer “think.”’
  * “We are led to believe that there is no objective truth, and that all is relative.” “Pro-choice people will not-indeed, cannot-listen to reason. Pro-choice people are insane and will not convert to reason-they will attempt to convert reason.”
  Q: How can people today “not get it?”
  A: “They kill their consciences. And to kill your conscience, you must go insane.”
  Q: How do you convert the insane?
  A: “You love them; you be honest with them; you talk with them; you be their friend; you pray for them.”

  Florida House votes – Any woman seeking to terminate a pregnancy would be required to pay for an ultrasound procedure — and view the results unless she signed a waiver — before having the abortion,0,2434345.story

  New professional guidelines say doctors have to either perform abortions – or refer patients to a doctor who will.

  Barbara Kay on abortion: The pro-choice movement’s female guinea pigs

  Catholic Medical Students Association objects to flawed, discriminatory and anti-Catholic “ethics” of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ Committee on Ethics

  Humanizing Animals – Is it wrong to make intelligent animal slaves?

  McCain’s presidential bid say he will not try to “soften” the Republican party’s platform on abortion and same-sex marriage to appeal to more voters.

  McCain shies away from religion talk

  Why are pro-life Democrats marginalized?

  Are the Democrats gambling on a mystery man? What further surprises lurk in Obama’s little-known personal history? The last few weeks have made that question suddenly crucial.

  Obama’s Dimestore ‘Mein Kampf’- Nearly every page is bristling with anger at some imputed racist incident – Ann Coulter

  Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. spoke critically of a “Black Evangelism,” which he said “produces a religion of hatred, gay-bashing and heterosexism.”

  Pres. National Black Pro-Life Union Asks: Should America be Punished with a President Who will not Stand for All of Us

  Decision to include Fla. and Mich. delegates comes as a surprise to both Democratic campaigns.

  Student Sues Wisconsin School After Getting a Zero for Religious Drawing,2933,344350,00.html

  Cardinal attacks ‘aggressive’ secularism gaining ground in UK

  Utah High Court to Decide if Town Must Allow New Age Monument

  Time Editor: As Cardinal, Pope Benedict Was ‘Hatchet Man’

  Catholic church in India facing shortage of nuns

  Islamic tradition is so contrary to our Western principles of judicial and religious freedoms based upon individual human rights and practices.

  A prominent evangelical member of the Church of England’s General Synod has called for a ban on the building of any more mosques in Britain.

  Jihad Comes to Wall Street – “Sharia gives Islam the arms and legs to force the world to submit to Islam.”

  Liberals imply Islam is good because it’s un-Christian—because it’s anti-Christian, and good-speaking of Muslims is bad-speaking of Christians

  Real Talk? The Saudi king ought to stop killing non-Muslims first

  Witnesses confirm: Chinese soldiers “dressed as monks” sparked the violence

  A new study from The Barna Group debunks the often-stated “fact” that half of all marriages end in divorce

  Christian author: Cohabitation a ‘trial divorce,’ not a trial marriage

  Librarian’s Employment Records Support That She Was Fired for Reporting Criminal Activity

  Pregnant woman who now assumes male identity tells Oprah: It’s a miracle.  Winfrey called the development “a new definition of what diversity means for everybody.”

  A Christian evangelist’s lawsuit against Philadelphia over police ‘gay’-fest’ actions to restrict his free speech and religious expression has been reinstated by the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

  Massachusetts Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth declares “homophobic parents are the problem”

  Father Benedict Groeschel says writer of Oprah Winfrey promoted “A Course in Miracles” fell into “black hole of rage and depression” during last two years of her life

  Free Dominion Exposes Likely Bogus Richard Warman Death Threat

  ‘Silent’ famine sweeps globe – “A huge amount of the world’s farmland is being diverted to feed cars, not people”

  Mother takes on Wal-Mart over 7 year-old’s exposure to Sports Illustrated ‘soft-core pornography’ “Swimsuit Edition”

  Last Chance for California Homeschooling? If the court does not rectify this error, the legislature and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will

  More racist Planned Parenthood clinics exposed By Michelle Malkin

  Abortion in Russia, moral opposition on the rise

  Leading De-population Advocate Ted Turner: Global Warming Will Cause Mass Cannibalism, Iraqi Terrorists Are Patriots