Catching up from the lack of NewsBytes since last Saturday:

Canada’s Conservatives take 18-point lead, poll shows

The latest information you can use — and encourage others to use — to support the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court.

Democrats renege on agreement and delay committee vote on Alito.

Alito Surely Will Be Confirmed – Paul Weyrich

Senators Max Baucus, Barbara Mikulski Say ‘No’ on Alito

‘Earthy’ Alito Hearings Contrast Roberts’ – by Robert Novak

First Lady Laura Bush Speaks Out for AbstinenceÂÂÂÂ

3 of 4 New York City Babies Aborted

Pro-abortion organizer to lead U.S. Planned Parenthood

It’s Okay to Be Against Suicide

Australian doctors apply for abortion pill

“Women Deserve Better Than Abortion”

Lots of criticism from C.S. Lewis fans over Narnia movie

Spiritual Warfare Is Theme of Peretti Film

Study shows years between late-teens and mid-twenties conducive to moral and physical break-down.

Mexican bishops urge laity to participate in politics

Spanish president: Faith has no place in public square

Martin Luther King’s Conservative Legacy

The Cultural Contradictions of Feminism;_ylt=A86.I165fM1D4UcASxb9wxIF;_ylu=X3oDMTBjMHVqMTQ4BHNlYwN5bnN1YmNhdA

Intermarriage: the Cross and the Crescent

Christian groups accuse Golden Globe Awards of promoting films with gay or “leftist” themes to serve political agenda.,,11069-1990992,00.html

The Next Conservatism and the Republican Party

The Next Conservatism and the Democratic Party

Abdallah of Jordan: Don’t empty Jerusalem of its Christian population

79 newpapers banned, 169 million “illegal” copies seized in China in 2005

Real Hard Cash – Russell D. Moore on the Path of Johnny Cash – the Man in Black

First Comes Marriage – Jennifer Roback Morse on Why No One Has a Right to a Child

The Centrality of Motherhood Is Not Just an Idea

Maurice Strong, he man who saved the world from greenhouse gas emissions is saving us from the Internet

Professor Rice shares his personal views on relevant issues facing Ave Maria School of Law

Doctor Bans Boy From Playstation To Stop Head Twitching

Actor Stephen Baldwin on crusade against porn

Animal eggs ‘to grow stem cells’

U.S. Senate Needs to Consider Broadcast Indecency Legislation

Laws Lacking in Prosecuting Porn on Wheels

Ted Kennedy’s Secret Love Child Exposed

Boycott Urged of Gay-Supporting Companies

U.S. Government Agency Celebrates Homosexuality

Southern Baptists Remove Church Over Homosexuality

South Africa Bans Blood From Active Gays,,2-7-1442_1862094,00.html

Gay-rights groups make covert plans to crash the annual White House Easter egg roll.

Episcopalian bishop removes priest for stance against gay bishop