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  China’s Strangulation of Tibet is Only Extension of Suffocation of Liberty in China Itself
  Father Raymond J. De Souza writes in Today’s National Post, “Is there any other regime that still imprisons and kills bishops, priests and monks who fail to swear loyalty to the state? Is there any other country where the entire population is subject to child-bearing control, with forced sterilization and abortions for those who decline to submit to state rules on family size?”

  Poland will ignore Council of Europe on abortion

  Margaret Somerville on late-term abortion

  Without Christianity, our society is doomed

  UK Embryo Bill: How Catholics used their power

  Malta Government resolute on anti-abortion stand

  Arizona passes state partial-birth abortion ban

  Nat Hentoff Lays Into Obama on Schiavo

  What is lacking in Canada? The sorry state of the politics of abortion in Canada

  Pregnancy top reason young women get fired in Spain

  UK Marriage hits lowest rate since records began almost 150 years ago

  Liberals Want Federal Abstinence Education Cut

  Polls: Democrats Love McCain

  U.S. Election Enthusiasm – Fr. Frank Pavone

  Prominent conservative, a Catholic, and former counsel to President Reagan endorses Barack Obama

  Oprah labeled ‘false prophet’ and ‘conduit … to Hell’

  Any serious discussion of race must address out-of-wedlock births – The connection between family breakdown and child poverty is well established

  Canadian National Prayer Breakfast to attract 1,000 in Ottawa

  Most ‘dyfunctional Parliament’ since Pearson’s minority governments, says Franks

  Canadian byelection results put off election, for now, say top Liberal insiders

  Sources at British Spy Agency Confirm Tibetan Claims of Staged Violence

  In Canada, Chinese Media Stir Up Anger Against Tibetans – airs on Rogers Cable

  Monks in tears cry out against lies while Beijing instructs foreign journalists

  Osama and The Pope

  Saudi Arabia Says No To A Catholic Church: The Islamic Fear of Freedom of Religion

  There will be more active Muslims than Christians or Catholics in Britain by the middle of the century.

  Many Muslims Turn to Home Schooling

  Allam & Allah

  Are secularism and Islam cousins? They are in effect profoundly united in their common denial of any link between faith and reason.

  Angry Vista Users Vent Over SP1 Driver Issues,143708/article.html

  You’re Not Alone: Microsoft Execs Struggled with Vista,142957/article.html

“Pregnant Man” Isn’t a Man

  Catholics warn about gay-friendly teaching guide

  BC Catholics told to “resist, counter, and protest” new curriculum