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  Bin Laden warns EU, says the Pope has played a “large and lengthy role” in  “new Crusade” against Islam

  Margaret Sanger would have loved Barack Obama

  In Heap of Trouble, Planned Parenthood Funds Pro-Abortion Candidates

  With Spitzer Out, Pro-Abortion Bill May Go Nowhere

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  Is Barack Obama A Marxist Mole?

  Afrocentrism Is the Problem – Beyond Obama’s Wright By Linda Chavez

  Say Goodbye to the Glowbama Mystique By Michelle Malkin

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  Obama too unstable for presidency

  Homeschoolers and the Law in the Golden State – First Things

  Myth 1: Atheists Are Smarter

  Archbishop Burke – Excommunication for women claiming ordination

  Christianophobia comes to East London

  Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle signed bill Thursday requiring even Catholic hospitals to provide abortifacient morning after pill to rape victims

  Bangladeshi Rapid Action Battalion swoops down on anti-Jihadist Muslim journalist

  Vatican Official to U.N.: ‘Protect the unborn and the seriously ill’

  Leader of San Francisco Catholic Charities who defied Vatican on adoptions by homosexuals says he is retiring

  American Psychological Association: No Consensus on Cause of Homosexuality

  Surprise – Homosexual Couples Say Civil Unions Aren’t Enough – Stomping for ‘Marriage’