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  How St. Patrick changed history – Morally corrupt Rome, violent Druid pagans paved way for Patrick to become a great saint

  Peggy Noonan – McCain: What exactly does he feel passionately about, what great question? Or rather, what does he stand for, really?

  Catholic voters help boost Clinton campaign

  There is almost no chance Hillary can get the votes she needs to win the nomination

  Obama’s preacher sanitizes website: Removes radical ‘Black Value System’ from church ‘About Us’ page

  Ongoing Blackout of Wright’s 9/11 Rant, Only ABC Covers Him Monday

  Contrary to Claims, Obama Very Close With Racist Preacher, Wright

  CNN’s Jack Cafferty: : Wright’s Racism Not Bad As Falwell & Robertson on Abortion

  A pro-life amendment to a health care bill failed late last week in the Senate but its cause was noble.

  Organ business in Egypt ‘worse than slavery’

  The crumbling U.S. empire

  Mexican experts hope Supreme Court will rule against abortion

  Feminist ‘Juno’ Unfit For Any Family Award says Phyllis Schlafly

  Media Silence on the Myth of ‘Safe Sex’ By Robert Knight

  Teens at risk as permissive sex yields STD epidemic

  Birth control pills spark debate over environment

  The shocking revelation from the Centers for Disease Control that syphilis rates rose for the seventh consecutive year is cause for concern but equally so is the CDC’s explanation.

  U.S. Supreme Court Will Review FCC Policy on Broadcast Profanity

  15 thousand attend first mass in Doha, Qatar church

  King Abdullah extends hand of friendship to Catholic Church

  Archbishop Nienstedt stands accused of having divided parents from children, and family members from each other.

  If it takes a village to raise a child, what does it take to raise a village? – Families!

  The hidden costs of coeducation – With boys’ scores dropping further and further, it’s time to try something new

  Athletes consider Olympics Beijing Boycott

  NASA Chief: Global Warming Treated Like a Religion

  Ad Council Uses Children in Horrific Global Warming Commercials

  California woman fired for telling police library patron was viewing naked boys on free public computer

  Silencing the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network’s “Day of Silence”

  Is the High Class Call Girl a Myth?

  Oh baby, Canada’s aging population needs more babies