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  ACTION ALERT: The most sweeping pro-abortion bill ever proposed in Illinois: HB-5615, the “Reproductive Justice and Access Act” heads for floor vote

  Pope tells Luxembourg to defend life

  Connecticut Catholic bishops back bill that would require more girls to be counseled before getting an abortion—mar06,0,4815073.story?track=rss

  Montana Board of Pharmacy dismisses frivolous complaints against pharmacist who declined to dispense so-called “morning after” pill

  House Committee Hearing on Mexico City Policy Proves a Pro-life Success

  At the Crossroads of Eugenics and Solipsism: Engineering a Culture of Death –  Wesley Smith

  RIP: Mother Who Cared for Her Unconscious Daughter for 38 Years

  Campus totalitarians – Just head over to York University in Toronto.

  British MPs to allow babies for childless to be conceived from artificial sperm

  Getting Stem Cells Right – First Things

  Prosperity increases depression and suicide among Chinese – One-child policy has created generation of young people incapable of communicating

  I had one of Britain’s first legal abortions … 40 years on, I’m still torn apart by guilt

  Dick Morris The race is over for Hillary

  Obama Fatigue – The dangers of an elite celebrity candidacy.

  McCain Rejects Anti-Catholic Views

  Senator Clinton: I want to be first U.S. president to march in gay pride parade

  PEGGY NOONAN – Clintons aren’t magic. Obama isn’t magic. Mrs. Clinton will wear a great nation down – people have reason to view her as dark, dissembling, thuggish.

  Mark Steyn – We will have Hillary Clinton to kick around some more, at least for another few weeks

  One of things that’s so angering about Human Rights Commissions is the people who make them up

  Criminalizing Home Schoolers;_ylt=AgImbUCHCTbbarxLsMX0EFMDW7oF

  Did California Really Ban Home Schooling? Homeschoolers in California are not at risk under this ruling, although at first glance the language does indeed appear inflammatory – by Deal W. Hudson

  Conservative Christian leaders are outraged at the California appeals court decision last week rejecting a parent’s right to educate their children at home.,_Soul_of_Families.htm

  Lawsuits allege Planned Parenthood ripped off taxpayers for more than $180 million, fired whistleblower  – “Extensive, organized fraud”

  Homeschoolers’ setback sends shock waves through state

  Schwarzenegger Pledges to Support Right to Home School

  Pope: secularisation is invading all cultures, and even the Church

  Series of blunders turned the plastic bag into global villain

  Global Warming Schemes Will Curb Freedom, Czech President Says

  Scientists Skeptical of Global Warming Alarmism Join Forces

  The media snowjob on global warming

  Basic Greenhouse Equations “Totally Wrong” says former global warming activist and Hungary’s most outspoken supporter of the Kyoto Protocol

  The Earth might be warming up but its people are going cold on their own future—and no-one in authority seems the least bit concerned.

  Warning against the “creeping” Islamisation of Indonesia – Muslims and religious minorities in Indonesia are raising their voices against the spread of local laws inspired by sharia

  US National Public Radio Caters to Extreme Left

  Cultural Imperialism: Rent a Wombs in India

  The Decline and Fall of Europe: Europe’s Slow Motion Suicide – Chapter 1 of 5

  Senators Kennedy and Brownback Team Up to promote bill called the “Prenatally and Postnatally Diagnosed Condition Awareness Act.” – Wesley Smith

  Some want to reform not the U.N., but its entire “gender architecture.”

  Research into the family continues to confirm the importance of two parents as the best basis for bringing up children.

  Bronx teen pregnancy rate soars

  Republican member of Oklahoma Legislature has received death threats since telling political group that “the homosexual agenda is just destroying this nation” and poses a bigger threat to the U.S. than terrorism or Islam.

  San Francisco’s archbishop will speak to seminarians on evils of pornography