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  An Arizona House committee voted Wednesday to stop a Tucson nurse practitioner from performing surgical abortions.

  National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers is just around the corner – March 10 – A Hard Hitting Piece by Jill Stanek

  Dr. Dobson Outraged by California Ruling Banning Home Schooling

  Hillary: I’ve felt ‘presence’ of Holy Spirit

  Shari’a legal system is founded upon the goal of conquering the world through holy war when persuasion and subjugation are not immediately successful? – First Things (March 6)

  Vatican and Muslims to establish permanent dialogue (March 6)

  The California Supreme Court appeared divided on Tuesday over whether to allow gay marriage during nearly four hours of oral arguments

  The Washington Legislature has passed a measure to expand the state’s domestic partnership law, granting same-sex couples more than 170 of the benefits and responsibilities given to married couples

  Media Proclaim Seasonally Cold Temperatures Aren’t Climate Trend Indicator (March6)

  Climate Propaganda Works: ‘Global Warming Equals More Snowfall’ (March 6)