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Obama: A Harsh Ideologue Hidden by a Feel-Good Image – effectively voted for infanticide By Rick Santorum

  Obama: If elected I will use the bully pulpit for gay causes

  McCain Campaign Learns Its Lesson About Catholics

  The Conservative Age is Dead?

  ‘Ridiculous’ Agreement Lets Judge Censor Planned Parenthood Abortion Records

  Biotech Firm to Provide Ethical Alternatives to Aborted Fetal Vaccines

  Killed for Organs? The Preliminary Hearing

  Fausto Bertinotti, President of the Italian Parliament Lower House says current discussion of abortion law is “a useless and misleading one”. Supports women’s sole right to make abortion decision

  Calgary Herald says of Latimer – “His release on parole is an affront to the dignity of disabled Canadians; …Let’s hope he does not morph into a poster boy for the ‘mercy’ killing movement and take to the lecture circuit”

  Montral Gazette approves of Latimer release

  State community college backs down in its attempt to censor graphic signs in pro-life demonstration

  Bill Buckley’s Conservatism will endure if it is rooted in truth, and in the truths of life. Buckley said “Despair is a mortal sin.” By PEGGY NOONAN

  The world’s best George W. Bush imitation

  Ukulele Magic

  Sex Differences Extend into the Brain

  2 Jewish families sue school over pervasiveness of Christian prayer on campus

  Pro-life Matt Drudge: world’s most powerful journalist

  Feds admit vaccine ‘aggravated’ autism – critics say ruling major concession after years of government denials

  Chaldean bishop of Mosul abducted; three people in a car with him were killed.

  Kansas City’s Catholic Leaders Object to Traveling Bodies Revealed Display,2933,333353,00.html

  No party defends the family in Spain, report asserts

  Openly-gay U.S. AIDS ambassador given Catholic award in India
  New Montgomery Countylaw would allow men and women who are confused about their sexual identity to use the bathroom or public shower facility of their choice.
  Catholics to Picket Cdl. Roger Mahony’s Huge Pro-‘Gay’ Dissent-Fest

  An MP has called for an investigation into British schools which teach subversive notions like lifelong marriage

  Most students — male and female — are accepting of pornography study finds