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  Man gets 18 months in jail for putting abortion pills in girlfriend’s food (Feb .27)

  Senate amendment targets federal funding of abortions (Feb .27)

  Eugenics: Deadly medicine (Feb .27)

  More than 800 farmers in four Indian states commit suicide in six months (Feb .27)

  Planned Parenthood web site advises teens that viewing pornography is a normal and “safer” way of enjoying sex. (Feb .27)

  The New York Times A Boost To McCain By Paul M. Weyrich (Feb .27)

  Don’t bring back the Court Challenges Program (Feb .27)

  Pregnant women who perceive having a well-balanced relationship with their parents during childhood will experience fewer difficulties in transition to motherhood reveals study (Feb .27)

  San Diego diocese’s voter’s guide gives little leeway in voting for candidates who support “intrinsic evils” (Feb .27)

  What the Islamic Scholars Forgot to Tell the Pope (Feb .27)

  Survey finds one-tenth of Americans used to be Catholic (Feb .27)

  Bishops, Notre Dame and Camaderie (Feb .27)

  Is the widespread Jesuit refusal to weed out candidates with homosexual tendencies only a tension of everyday life? Benedict does not appear to think so. (Feb .27)

  Parents Television Council blasts NBC over ‘Vegas’ drama, calls for ‘significant’ fine reportedly contained graphic nudity. (Feb .27)

  National Education Association Pushes Homosexuality in School Booklet, Group Says (Feb .27)

  In First, N.Y. Judge Allows Gay Divorce (Feb 27)