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  Embryonic Stem cells repair stroke damage in rats

  Massachusetts Abortionist Relinquishes License In Wake Of Abortion Death Investigation

  Phill Kline accuses former Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison of gathering abortionist documents for false purpose

  New Loveland, Colorado Facility Provides Help for those Suffering with Emotional Pain, Addictions, and Relationship Issues as a Result of a Past Abortion

  Display compares abortion, genocide

  AP Hints Pro-Lifers Bigger Terrorists Than Foreign Radicals

  Nebraska bill to ban cloning advances

  Children of Sperm Donors Have Rights, Too By Maggie Gallagher,_too

  India’s Two Plagues: The “Missing Women” and Violence Against Christians – 6 dead, 5,000 homeless, destruction at 70 churches, 600 houses, 6 convents, and 3 seminaries.

  Mao, Kissinger and girls, girls, girls

  Douglas Kmiec and the Lure of Obama – Obama has a 100 percent pro-abortion rating from NARAL

  Obama’s Not Muslim—But Muslims Love Him Like He Was

  NY Times Begins Its Campaign Against GOP Frontrunner

  Presidential Appointments Project: A strategy to pack government with homosexuals

  Feminists perplexed by Hillary’s struggle

  Gay superdelegates may hold key in Dem prez race By Lisa Keen

  LGBT community’s support is still largely behind Hillary Clinton

  Conservative media outlets rushed with surprising vehemence to defend Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Thursday against a critical article in The New York Times,

  Tories flirt with majority support, poll finds

  Oprah’s Reinvention of Jesus Picks Up Steam; will offer a year-long course on the New Age teachings of A Course in Miracles

  Re-live the 50s – for those who were there

  Of all American children, 63% are living with both their biological parents

  Papal trip to China “unthinkable”: Vatican official

  Garbage in, garbage out: More bad warming data

  Sick of threats, Connecticut homeschoolers demand bill on leaving public schools,0,6969944.story

  Child Pornography: The Predators are Everywhere says CWA

  Nearly 30,000 seek to turn off coed showers in Montgomery County, Md.

  Author makes important changes to California Assembly bill written to make large grant-writing foundations more homosexual friendly

  Awards go to transvestite performer and “gay” street fair at event held at Most Holy Redeemer parish, San Francisco

  Supreme Court allows Daytona Beach nudity law to stand

  American Psychiatric Association to host symposium on religion, therapy and homosexuality

  NYC condom giveaway encourages people to ‘get some’

  N.J. Gov. to Sign Gay ‘Marriage’ Bill — After Election