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  Abstinence funding may be axed from $30 billion US AIDS package

  College of William & Mary Hosts Disturbing ‘Sex Workers Art Show’

  Beware of Freedom to Marry Week

  Teachers boo pro-family pastor at MLK Day school assembly

  Huckabee frustrated by conservatives’ call for him to drop out of race

  Santorum high on Romney, down on Huckabee

  Republican Senator says of McCain: “He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me.”

  Why Super Tuesday won’t hand the nomination to Hillary – Robert Novak,CST-EDT-novak04.article

  Manny Miranda Endorses John McCain

  Telling the truth about climate change would help Romney highlight his conservative credentials in comparison with McCain, who has clearly succumbed to unfounded alarmism.

  Windows Vista Service Pack 1 latest details and release date information –  current extremely slow copying or moving of files will be only “up to 50% faster in some scenarios” in Service Pack 1

  George Weigel’s newest book focuses on theological roots of Islamic terrorism, gives possible solutions

  Slavery, Christianity, and Islam By Robert Spencer in First Things

  The abortion debate is not a safe place for facts – MacLeans

  Brian Bundy is a Michigan pharmacist who has refused to dispense the abortive “morning after pill.” – Judie Brown

  Most Holy Redeemer rents parish hall to homosexual bridge club

  The Clintons’ Canadian buddy – He’s super wealthy, super successful and super connected.

  The Shaking of the Republican Party by Deacon Keith Fournier