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Abortion supporters disrupt Mass at Cathedral of Managua, attempt to receive Communion (link corrected)

  Dr. Dobson says winning an election is important, but not at the expense of our core beliefs.

  Teen Sues Her School for Rejecting Pro-Life Club

  Planned Parenthood Will Close Five Michigan Clinics

  British cardinal insists on pro-life ethics at “celebrity” Catholic hospital

  NOW and Planned Parenthood Test Access to Morning-After Pill…

  Kansas Judge Denies Motion Seeking To Dismiss Petition To Convene Grand Jury Investigation Of Abortion Provider Tiller

  Human Rights Watch opposes Guatemala’s Protection for Marriage and Family Act

  Firemen demoted and fined for shining torch on gay foursome in the bushes…

  Bureau of Prisons reverses policy on religious material

  Internet Tax Freedom Act set to expire

  Swedish Church Puts Father of the Bride in His Place

  Catholics and Orthodox remain united against threat of “persecution” in Europe

  CNN Meteorologist: ‘Definitely Some Inaccuracies’ in Gore Film…

  Dangerous stories? Librarians push banned books

  Children not an option for many Canadian couples because of work stress: study. Resulting decline in birth rate will hurt companies in the future

  Does tolerance require us to turn a blind eye to Islamic radicalization of a whole section of Canadian society? Do do we not disregard Europe’s problems at our own peril?

  Three companies have set up consortium with UK government to develop stem cells for safety testing of new drugs,Authorised=false….

  The women who use the morning after pill as everyday contraception…

  Holy See: Ensure That the Right to Life Is Respected Everywhere

  Religion Must Be Destroyed, Atheist Alliance Declares…