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New York Times Poll: Evangelicals Agree with Dr. Dobson – they could not support a candidate they didn’t agree with on issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage

  China determined to stop priests spreading the Pope’s Letter, even by brain washing

  Former Muslims Share Christ

  Vatican urges Muslim respect for all faiths,,2186612,00.html

  When the Connecticut legislature ignored the bishops’ pleas and stripped away the Church’s rights in 2007, lay people said virtually nothing. How different it was in 2006 …

  The Clintons’ God – Liberal Protestant Theology, Abortion and 2 Politicians

  Motel television porn case goes to trial

  New Film Exposes Apparent Lack of Academic Freedom in US…

  Bush: All religions pray to ‘same God’

  A Demographic Theory of War – the strength of a nation’s military is affected by the size of a nation’s families.

  Western Standard magazine has ceased publishing

  A life-changing event catapulted Jill Stanek into the pro-life movement, and now she’s obsessed with it

  Decriminalizing abortion in Australia’s Victoria state has moved closer…

  Body-Parts Scam Breeds Hundreds of Lawsuits

  Ottawa baby tossed in trash

  10 Christians slaughtered over alleged Muhammad cartoon

  Graphic pix of sex-fest sent to sponsor’s hometown – Catholic League delivering photographs to 211 parishes

  Homophobic? Hang him high!

  Log Cabin Gay Republicans Target Romney in New TV Ad

  Christian activists to witness at homosexual pride event, despite judge’s ruling

  Sperm donor, 72, to father his own grandchild…

  I am creating artificial life, declares US gene pioneer