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  Comatose Mesa man walks out of hospital – Wife had pulled his feeding tube after a week

  Chilean government fines pharmacies millions for not selling abortion pill

  FOX Documentary said to expose the reality of abortion will air at 9 p.m. ET Saturday

  Abortion Business Death Raises Questions

  Parsing Abortion Statistics and the Law

  Of Cybrids, Hybrids, & Chimeras – Learning from the U.K. battle over human-animal hybrids.…

  Breast Cancer Organizations Promote Only ‘Selective Awareness’

  Two GOP candidates gain ground in values voter straw poll

  Romney finding support among evangelical Christians in South Carolina…

  Seven Things To Know About the Clintons…

  Anti-Hillary documentary alleges she committed felonies to get elected and assisted her husband in defrauding major donor

  Hillary Clinton is “pro-choice Christian” on Religious Left, which is united in its commitment to a “social justice” confined to race, class and economics, and only for those fortunate enough to have been born.…

  Liberals Attack Bush Appointee – Millions in abstinence education funds are now under her control

  Planned Parenthood, Terrorism and the Bizarro World

  Analysis of Guttmacher Institute abortion stats reveals ridiculous, unscientific creativity to get results desired

“For every woman who chooses life, Planned Parenthood loses between $300 – $700”…

  PM Harper’s Tories want an election, can’t pull the trigger

  Quebec is changing in ways that augur well for Harper — and perhaps for conservatism across Canada

  Liberate The Campus – National Post’s Barbara Kay identifies left-wing bias on campus as the Canada’s most pressing problem…

  He’s still da boss – Who’d have thought we’d miss the opportunistic, ‘unencumbered-by-principles’ Jean Chrétien? – Mark Steyn

  A German motherhood campaigner’s Nazi moment dissolves in a mass email blitz on political correctness in the media ruling class.

  Family Organization Calls for Gay Activists to Stop Promoting Hatred against Former Homosexuals Participating in Obama Presidential Campaign

  Media Blacks Out Marriage Rally with Thousands of Citizens

  The occult movement of Satanism ranks number one among teens and young adults as their preferred spirituality.

  Kerala, a Christian leader and his wife are bloodily beaten

  US Supreme court Justice Antonin Scalia says “the Catholic faith seems to me to have little effect on my work as a judge”

  Archbishop of Denver receives Mormon award

  Cardinal sees difficulties in talks with Islam

  Catholic Church moves to weed out Marxists in Kerala
  Diocese of San Diego may have to sell chancery and seminary if parishioners don’t pony up for sex-abuse settlement…

  Alliance to rope in indecent programming

“plague” of sexual misconduct in American public schools

  Birth Control Allowed at Maine Middle School

  Increasing new trend of divorced parents living in same home…

  Joost for wasting time – With a computer and broadband in the bedroom, now kids can watch all the TV they want—endlessly!

  6th Circuit: Record Keeping Requirements for Producers of Sexually Explicit Images Held Unconstitutional

  Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence now teach theology…

  The politically correct mantra about HIV/AIDS is that “anybody can get it