Rudy offers the right the ultimate Faustian bargain: retention of power at the price of one’s soul.

  President Bush poised to appoint Mary Ann Glendon as U.S. ambassador to Vatican

  Sam Brownback, the Kansas Republican who sought the Republican presidential nomination on a socially conservative platform, is considering supporting former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s candidacy – Iowa moms and Catholics outraged

  Construction company ‘digs in their heels’ to build the largest Planned Parenthood abortion facility

  Forty years ago Britain passed a law that has facilitated 6.7 million abortions. A government inquiry has seen to it that nothing will change.

  Abortionist ordered to release records of woman’s death

  Leave your car in a handicapped parking spot and you’ll be fined. Abort your handicapped child and you’ll receive government financing – Michael Coren, National Post…

  Grassroots helped to get the word out on well-qualified jurist

  Sen. Casey Still Casting Anti-Life Votes

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  Feminists don’t speak for women, says Dominican cardinal in blistering reply

  Muslim group attends Catholic Mass in Malaysian “breakthrough”

  Cardinal Tauran: No need to create “United Nations” of religions

  To raise money, Catholic school auctions off dinner with Nancy Pelosi…

  Gay and Lesbian Outreach at St. Monica parish celebrates 16 years…

  FCC accused of rushing to cater to big media markets

  6th Circuit strikes down porn age verification law

  School health centers didn’t report underage sex

  Ex-Gay Group Calls Psychiatrist to Retract False Comments…

  Senate OKs 7 more years of tax-free Net access, e-mail