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  Hundreds of babies saved from abortion in Mexico by volunteers who counsel women outside hospital entrances – resistance from doctors and nurses at 3 hospitals- medical personnel have refused to perform any abortions at all at 5 hospitals…

  Rio de Janeiro governor promotes legalization of abortion to reduce number of criminals

  Woe to Those Who Call Evil Good – By Bishop Joseph Naumann

  Supreme Control of Abortion Policy – By George Will…

  After ten years and 300 deaths, what is there to learn from America’s assisted suicide frontier?

  Single greatest enemy of vibrant Christianity in the US is deep, seemingly ineradicable complacency of its own adherents, to a great extent abetted by clergy themselves

  Bunk: Company Sells “Personalized” Embryonic Stem Cells

“Awakenings:” Fighting Schiavo Revisionist History and Standing Against Dehydrations

  Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer Challenges Science Blogs Bloggers to Act Like Genuine Experts

  China’s future: a nation of single men? Country’s love of male children may create dangerous underclass and prematurely gray population – Must register – free,1,6759…

  Who is Mike Huckabee?

  The surge is working – Huckabee’s too!

  Obama Adds Openly Gay Minister to Concert…

  A Two-Way or a Five-Way? Some alternative scenarios for Republican nomination

  Brownback-Giuliani? Maybe Brownback-McCain…

  Appeals to the Base Could Sink Democrat’s Hopes for Easy ‘08 Wins

  Congress’ Halloween agenda: Safeguard cross-dressing ‘rights’

  Laura Ingraham Joins Fox News…

  Funding Global Warming Hysteria…

  Middle-School Birth Control Plan Suggests Crimes, Group Says…

  Prime Minister Harper is looking at the numbers and at the Liberals
  possibly looking at a Christmas election campaign right now

  Canada’s Conservatives would have won another minority: Kay

  Alberta’s Wildrose Party stands for ‘traditional conservative values’…

  The End of America As We Know It – By John Hawkins…

  Next generation: Focus on the Family execs more interested in parenting than politics

  Perspectives: Does The Golden Compass point to a new atheism?

  Vox Day interviews Dinesh D’Souza about his new book, “What’s So Great About Christianity.”

  The U.S. Catholic Church is Sinking Fast—Part II

  Secular College Campuses Seeing Catholic Processions

  Lawsuit Claims Miami Priest Abused Teenager in 2001

  Ann Coulter’s Big No-No – By Burt Prelutsky…

  Flag folding ceremony nixed because of reference to God

  Oregon county elections chief comes under fire from group trying to overturn law allowing civil unions. Over 55,000 citizens signed referendum petition

  Debate over ‘gay marriage,’ civil unions just beginning in Md.

  South African homosexuals in denial about HIV,42686.asp

  Gay rights don’t trump faith,CST-EDT-douglas27.article

  Can You Oppose Homosexuality at School?

  17 years of NC-17

  Say Goodbye to Family Friendly TV – By Linda Chavez…

  The Victims of Porn – By Chuck Colson

  Explosive Increase in Hardcore Pornography and its Accessibility to Children Should Concern Every Presidential Candidate,

  GSA network board member resigns amid pornography allegations

  Left uses clever lingo to cast doubt on abstinence-based education