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Directors quit Catholic hospital in ethics code row,,2223512,00.html

Stem Cells, Simply

One in every 64 babies is now born after IVF…

The Case Against Abortion: An Interview with Dr. Francis Beckwith, author of Defending Life

Hate-Crimes Amendment Dropped from Defense Authorization

Robert Latimer:  Canada’s Cindy Sheehan

Robert Latimer should stay behind bars for murdering his disabled daughter

Farah warns conservatives,‘if Democrats have their way, the Fairness Doctrine will be brought back, effectively muzzling conservative talk radio – another reason why congressional elections in 2008 are just as important as the presidential race

Helen Thomas Says You Bloggers are ‘Dangerous’…

Atheists Challenge Christmas at Wisconsin Capitol

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Less Like Christmas

U.S. Teen Birth Rate Rises after 14-Year Decline

The plight of divorced dads – Barbara Kay

With no fault divorce, there’s no sanctity – George Jonas

CNN Forwards Liberal Explanation on Increase in Teen Birth Rates…

Liberty Counsel targets K-Mart, Sears for refusing to use ‘Christmas’ in ads

‘Spare the rod, spoil the child’ says it best according to leading group of pediatricians

Bali is not about climate; it symbolizes the continued assault on freedom…

David Parker federal civil rights appeal heard before 3-judge panel in Boston Federal Court

Folsom Street Fair Press Conference

Just how many Americans identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual? A UCLA senior research fellow says it makes all the difference.,0,4848566.story?coll=la-p…

Prominent movie Star Jodie Foster reveals her lesbian lover,22049,22885177-5001026,00.html