The staff of wishes you and yours a happy and blessed Christmas.

Each year at this time we take an extended break from our intense work to spend precious time with families and to re-generate our drained batteries. Today’s reports are the last for the current year. LifeSiteNews will resume again on Monday, January 5, 2004.  Until that time we wish you joy, peace and personal renewal.  We hope you approve of the re-designed LifeSite at  The project was begun in June of last year and so we are delighted that it has finally been implemented. There are still some items to be completed but most of the changes are done.

Especially at this time, please consider a donation to LifeSite to help us cover the extensive costs of maintaining the service and making the site improvements. *We are short of funds.*  May God Bless you richly.  The staff of Donate information at