News Scoop Confirmed: “Bella” the Movie to be Released Across United States October 26

Fri Aug 31, 2007 - 12:15 pm EST

By Peter J. Smith
NEW YORK, August 31, 2007 ( - "Bella," the heart-warming independent film that took the 2006 Toronto Film Festival by storm, has now officially secured a major distributor for US audiences.

  The Hollywood Reporter confirms a July 26 scoop by that had reported "Bella" would be released nationwide in U.S. theaters by October 26 by a major distributor Metanoia Films, the producer, finalized the contract with the distributor.
  While Metanoia Films has not marketed "Bella" as a strictly pro-life movie, many pro-life and pro-family groups across the country and internationally have embraced the film for its unapologetic celebration of life and the beauty of family and for its honest look at the difficult issue of what to do about an unplanned and "unwanted" pregnancy.

"Bella" takes place during a single day, and follows lead characters Jose, once a famous athlete, now a chef at his adopted brother’s restaurant, and Nina, a young waitress at the restaurant, who is fired from her job after discovering near the beginning of the film that she is pregnant. Scared and alone, Nina seems to have decided that she cannot continue her pregnancy and abort the child, until Jose, spends an unusual day with her in New York City.

  The film stars acclaimed Mexican actor Eduardo Verastegui and is his first debut since a profound conversion transformed one of Mexico’s hottest television and music stars known for an immoral lifestyle, into a humble, devout Catholic, who now says he is driven in everything he does to become a saint.

  Metanoia films, which says its mission is to "make movies that matter and have the potential to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives" is promoting "Bella" with a multimillion-dollar marketing campaign, including national TV ads for mainstream and Latino outlets. A grass-roots campaign is already helping to promote the film and pre-book tickets at theaters across America.

"The film is a crowd-pleaser about humanity, family, friendship and the unique magic of New York City," Roadside co-president Eric d’Arbeloff said. " ‘Bella’ will win the hearts and minds of Latino and mainstream audiences alike, and we hope it finds the same success as previous Toronto People’s Choice Award winners ‘Life Is Beautiful,’ ‘Whale Rider,’ ‘Hotel Rwanda,’ ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ and ‘American Beauty.’ "

  The film has received acclaim from film reviewers all over North America:

"[Bella]‘s one of those rare films that catches you by the emotional short hairs and refuses to let go. By the time the final reel plays, you’re going to be weeping tears of commingled sadness and joy ... Bella is really not so much a love story (in the sense of two people falling head over heels) as it is a story about love and how it can heal psychic wounds and enrich our lives. - John P. Meyer, American Film Institute. 

"Bella is a romantic drama full of heart, soul and beautiful messages. It’s a film that will stay with you forever! Powerful, passionate and unpredictable, Bella is a rare gem, a true surprise. A movie that can transform your life and keep you thinking." - Maria Salas, NBC-Miami
"The last film with Bella’s momentum was the Passion of the Christ. The Passion showed how Christ died for us and Bella shows how we should live for others" - Steve McEveety, producer of Braveheart & The Passion of the Christ.

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