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March 16, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – After less than four days, LifeSite’s petition rejecting so-called “vaccine passports” has gone viral – already attracting more than 83,000 signatures.

A “vaccine passport,” like a normal passport, would permit the government and/or businesses to discriminate against and restrict the movement of people who decide not to vaccinate themselves or their families.

“This petition has gone ‘viral’ because people instinctively understand that it is not right for the state or businesses to punish those who choose not to take the COVID vaccines,” said Scott Schittl, LifeSite’s Petition Coordinator. “Many of the available vaccines either use experimental technologies, or are tainted by the use of aborted fetal cell lines in their production or their testing. So, there is justifiable anger and frustration at the idea of being turned into guinea pigs just so Big Pharma can experiment on you or your family with experimental and unethical vaccines.”

Nevertheless, several powerful countries, like China, the U.K., and Canada, are publicly discussing plans to clamp down on unvaccinated citizens using “vaccine passports.” And in the United States, President Joe Biden has already signed an Executive Order that gives the federal government the resources to investigate the introduction of “vaccine passports.”

The petition, therefore, appeals to national, state, and provincial legislators to reassert themselves as the originators of laws, not the executive branch.

The executive branches of many countries, states, and provinces have been usurping the role of the legislature during the COVID crisis, and this petition calls on legislators to start asking questions again, hold hearings, and perform their function as representatives of the voting public, many of whom do not wish to take an experimental COVID vaccine.

It would be intolerable and immoral for the government to coerce someone, and their family, to take a COVID vaccine against their will just so they can do their weekly grocery shopping, go to a high school soccer game, travel on public transport, or visit their relatives who live in a different part of the country or overseas.

Medical freedom must be respected in principle and also in practice.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to sign this petition, please CLICK to SIGN.

If you live in the United States and would like to easily and directly contact your U.S. representative and senators to object to “vaccine passports,” please CLICK HERE.

If you live in Canada and would like to easily and directly contact your MPs to object to “vaccine passports,” please CLICK HERE.