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Light does these two things…

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Please spend 2 minutes and 30 seconds to watch this powerful video concerning the state of our culture and what you can do to make a difference.

The video is professionally done In a brief period of time it totally reveals the mission we are all called to and how LifeSite’s pro-life and pro-family journalism is so vital to the world.

We are two days into our Christmas campaign and have raised $19,161 towards our necessary goal of $300,000. You can be a part of this needed effort to shine the light of truth on the growing darkness in our culture with a donation to help us reach our goal. (Click here to donate)

Right now you can help take a stand against the goliath of secularism which is ‘railing against the Image of God, the unborn, marriage, and family and culture’ as the Benham Brothers remind us.

With your support today, we will reach millions more people with the truth about abortion, marriage, faith, and freedom in the new year! But we urgently need your help to make these plans a reality.

Do you share this intuition that the battle between the Culture of Life and the Culture of Death is heating up, that it’s rapidly heading for some kind of climax, or turning point?

I hear about it from ordinary parents who are making great sacrifices to raise their children as believers, but who tell me of their dismay that every other loud voice in the culture - from the media, to the schools, to the entertainers, to the politicians - are actively seeking to undo everything they’re teaching their children, enticing them to embrace radical and destructive anti-life and anti-family ideologies.

I hear it from the ordinary pro-life and pro-family activists who are fearful of the growing spirit of persecution - who increasingly find that the mere act of openly believing what Christians have always believed about issues like abortion and marriage is enough to make them social pariahs, fair game for public scorn, and even targets of lawsuits or career-related reprisals.

But though the times are dire, and confusion on fundamental moral issues is rampant, I am often encouraged to find a powerful and growing thirst for the TRUTH out there!

Your support will bring that truth to the many who are searching with a generous donation to our Christmas campaign!

Truly there is no other news agency doing what LifeSite is doing - proclaiming the message of the Gospel of Life and Family to our ever-growing audience of tens of millions of readers - without compromise!

The over 60,000 reports in our archive provide the global “big picture” perspective.

They show how all of the attacks on life and family worldwide are related, and drawing people back to truth by resolutely explaining the goodness of traditional life and family values.

If that’s a mission that you support, please, donate to our Christmas campaign today.

God bless! And thank you for your support.

Help us reach our goal! Donate today.

Support pro-life and pro-family journalism with a donation today!

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