TORONTO, August 4, 2011 ( – LifeSiteNews reporter and managing director Steve Jalsevac was live-blogging and taking photos from the Morgentaler abortion mill on Hillsdale Ave in Toronto this morning as pro-life activist Linda Gibbons was arrested.  Gibbons has spent 8 of the last 14 years in jail for breaking a 1994 ‘temporary’ court injunction which forbids pro-life presence outside various abortion centers in Toronto. 

Gibbons arrived at the Morgentaler abortion mill this morning shortly before 9am and was arrested just after 11am.  As is her normal practice Gibbons paced back and forth silently in front of the mill carrying a sign with a live baby’s photo reading: “Why Mom When I have so much Love to Give”.

She attempted to speak to several women entering the centre to offer them aid to carry their pregnancies to term.

Six police officers took part in the arrest, including the sheriff and his deputy who ordered the arrest after Gibbons did not respond to their requests to obey the injunction and leave the area.  Gibbons was read the Morgentaler location injunction, which is not the same injunction under which Gibbons has been arrested before, and led to the squad car peacefully.  While in years past she sat immobile causing officers to carry her to the vehicle, the 69-year-old grandmother walked with them this morning.

In June Gibbons was released from jail following over two years of consecutive imprisonment for violating the 1994 injunction in the same manner as today.  She has an upcoming court date on January 16, 2012.

Over 20 Show the Truth demonstrators held graphic abortion signs outside of the 170 metre restricted zone.