By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

Vermont, October 28, 2008 ( – Lisa Miller, a woman who has repudiated the lesbian lifestyle, was held in contempt of court yesterday for refusing to allow child visitation for her former lesbian lover, Janet Jenkins.

Miller, 40, says she decided to discontinue the court-ordered visitations following accounts by her six-year-old daughter, Isabella, of being forced to bathe naked with Jenkins, 44. Miller also reports that her daughter expressed the desire to commit suicide, and experienced other disturbing behavioral changes following visits with Jenkins. 

Although the judge deferred any determination regarding punishment, he ordered new visitation dates for Jenkins during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, despite being informed of sworn testimony from counselors and other witnesses containing evidence that the visits are damaging to the child.

Steven Crampton, Miller’s attorney for the case, told LifeSiteNews, “We have affidavits from two different licensed counselors and an affidavit from a school teacher” as well as witnesses among the child’s Sunday school teachers, indicating that the child has suffered traumatic effects from the visits.

Crampton said that the judge will appoint a special attorney for Isabella in response to the accusations, while continuing to require visitation.

Despite the fact that Jenkins has no biological nor adoptive relationship with Isabella Miller, Vermont courts have ruled that Jenkins has parental rights stemming from the fact that she was joined in a civil union with the girl’s mother at the time she was impregnated through artificial insemination.

Although Miller lives in Virginia, which has a strict law denying the recognition of same sex unions from other states, the courts there have repeatedly upheld the Vermont custody rulings.

When asked on the stand if she would permit visits by Jenkins in the future, Miller declined to say, according to her attorney.

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