Friday March 26, 2010

Lithuanian Pro-Family Group Denounces ‘Gay Pride’ Parade in Vilnius

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

VILNIUS, March 26, 2010 ( – The Lithuanian Reform Movement has sent an open letter to the country’s president, prime minister, Lithuanian Parliament members, and to the mayor of the city of Vilnius condemning the approval given in January for a “gay pride” parade to be held in the city this spring.

The proposed parade is to be part of a series of events for “Baltic Pride 2010,” which promoters say will include the displaying in central Vilnius of the biggest rainbow flag ever made, measuring 30 meters in length.

Last June the Seimas, Lithuania’s parliamentary body, passed a law which prohibits the dissemination of public information that is recognized in general to have a negative effect on the mental health, and physical, intellectual, and moral development of youth. This includes the spreading of information that “agitates for homosexual, bisexual relations, or polygamy.”

Citing this legislation, as well as the Lithuanian Constitution and Civil Code which upholds the family as the basis of society and defends the true definition of marriage, the group stated they are opposed to the “aggressive policies to promote homosexuality and its ideology” that the European Union promotes.

“We need neither officials of the EU Committee – the intercessors of the homosexuals – nor meetings of any members of sexual minorities in Lithuania,” the letter states.

“Therefore, we claim that we do not assent to organization and propagation of any events by homosexuals in Vilnius. We stand for tolerance, but not for exceptional promotion and propaganda.”

“We ask the Mayor to cancel the permit for European homosexuals to organize a parade in Vilnius,” the letter concludes.

The full text of the Lithuanian Reform Movement letter is available here.

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