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ROME (LifeSiteNews) — Faith & Reason co-host Liz Yore warned Catholics not to think that any issues with the Synod on Synodality were “resolved” because no “radical” statements appeared in its documents, explaining that the Synod’s aim is to “undermine two millennia teaching of Catholic teaching and martyrdom by proclaiming a new theology of Francis.”

In her talk at the Rome Life Forum, Yore said it is not surprising that Francis, the “Sankt Gallen Mafia Pope,” has imposed an “omerta code of silence” on the Synod, alleging that the Pope sought to ensure the messaging coming from the Synod in order to serve a preordained outcome under the pretense of a democratic process.

Yore said the Synod’s aim is to “purge Catholicism from the Catholic Church” to form a “‘big tent’ espousing democracy and openness” through the appointment of “virulent devotees who march in lock-step in this Synodal Papal pride parade, dialoging in dissent and mimicking [Victor Manuel] Fernandez’s kissified edicts.”

“From its inception, this Synod’s aim is to undermine two millennia teaching of Catholic teaching and martyrdom by proclaiming the new theology of Francis,” she stated. “During the last interminable decade, the Church faithful have been subjected to [a] Bergoglio barrage of heresy, blasphemy, apostasy, cleverly insinuated by his gestures, off cuff remarks, letters, meetings, exhortations, and footnotes.”

She also maintained that the divisiveness caused by Francis is “wreaking havoc,” while the Synod serves to “incubate and hatch” what she considers a Saint Gallen plan to “deconstruct Roman Catholicism as a necessary pretext to the rollout and blueprint of the One World Order.”

According to Yore, it is important for Catholics to understand the Synodal documents in order to protect themselves, the faithful, and their families from “the onslaught of this propaganda to undermine the faith,” and to that end she explored the Synod’s instrumentum laboris and the final document.

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First, she noted that the Synodal documents incorporate “mantras” of “diversity and inclusion” so that the Church would emerge “as a more productive and merciful workforce.” The aim of this incorporation, , she contends, is that the “Bergoglian Church” emerges as a “cooperative entity” in the New World Order. She also believes that this Church, at the orders of Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), would impose vaccine mandates, close churches, adopt “climate change hysteria,” and embrace gender ideology.

She also observes that salvation is never mentioned in the Synodal mission statement. “Why is there no mention of hell or sin in these documents?” she asked rhetorically. “Because hell and eternal judgment have no place in the One World Religion.”

“Francis needs to eliminate these Catholic impediments that obstruct the rollout of the global New Order,” she contended.

Second, she referenced the use of language in the Synodal documents, pointing out that in the instrumentum laboris the word “spirit” appears over 100 times, but “Holy Spirit” appears only 13 times, prompting her to ask which spirit is the one being referenced. Christ, further, is referenced only 10 times, and Our Lady only once. “Discernment,” meanwhile, is mentioned 90 times, and “Synodal” 380 times.

“What is going on?” she asked. “This is heretical hypnotism, and it’s deliberate. Dogma is supplanted with karma, sin is replaced with spin, listening, and dialoging trump the Ten Commandments. And not one mention of the Rosary. Not one mention of adoration, the Trinity, Heaven, fasting, moral[s].”

“Apparently these core Catholic beliefs, these blessed rituals and cherished teachings were left on the editing floor of the big tent,” she alleges.

Third, she explores a possible link between the Synodal documents and liberation theology through their invocation of the “people of God,” a term used by the Second Vatican Council to describe the Church.

While she admitted that the use of the term may seem innocuous, she warns people to be on guard, since liberation theology insists that theology must be done from the bottom up, that is, that the lay faithful are the “source and summit of spiritual revelation and religious authority.”

“Bergoglio sneakily inserts his liberation theology heritage by invoking the people of God 66 times in the instrumentum laboris,” Yore maintained.

Examining the Synod’s fruits, she stated that Communion for the divorced and remarried was included in what she called the “Synodal sludge.” She also said that while Francis has avoided making ex cathedra pronouncements, he has used “his global PR pulpit to announce it to the world.” She maintained that the same has happened with homosexuality in the Church, as Francis met with transgender couples and appointed dissident cardinals to the Synodal process, including Cardinals Robert McElroy and Jean-Claude Hollerich.

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“Buckle up, Catholics. Gird yourself and your children for part two as we journey together to the unknown Bergoglio peripheries freefalling right over the cliff,” Yore warned about the Synod’s second session, scheduled for October 2024. “Do not be fooled for one second that because a radical statement did not appear in Synodal documents that the issue is resolved. The implementation of the secret radical renovation of the direction of the Davos elitists is underway.”

Yore also observed how Francis maintained that the “protagonist” of the Synod was the Holy Ghost, thus implying that any criticism of the Synod was de facto criticism of the Third Person of the Trinity.

Repeating her claim that the Synod was operating under the pretense of a democratic process to implement preordained decisions, she asked what the point of such a “charade” would be. To her mind, the reason why Francis called the Synod is because “the appearance of democracy, of listening and journeying together, is a persuasive façade, even for a tyrant.”

“The smoke of Satan is engulfing the Vatican,” she declared. “The instrumentum laboris serves as the Modernist playbook who have lurked in the Vatican, waiting for the moment when the spirit is aligned in the Modernist take over and makeover is imposed.”

“Satan’s One World Religion will reflect the Synodal church documents. It may even be called the ‘Synodal Church,’ A Church having no meaning, no beliefs, no purpose, no God, but the global elite, a synodalism.”

Yore closed her talk, however, inviting listeners not to fear, since faithful Catholics will ultimately prevail.

“The time is now to up our game,” she said. “Put all our cards on the table. Use our unique God-given gifts to reclaim our Church and our culture from the barbarians. Catholics, we have our work cut out for us. We are in unchartered territory. The barque of Peter is adrift and taking on water. We are in a pitched battle to save the Spotless Bride of Christ, His Catholic Church.”