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(LifeSiteNews) — Attorney Liz Yore declared on Saturday that Pope Francis is trying to “destroy the Catholic Church,” citing the sacking of Bishop Joseph Strickland, the targeting of traditional Catholics, and the betrayal of Chinese Catholics as steps towards this goal.

On Steve Bannon’s show War Room, Yore discussed the Vatican’s persecution of Catholics in both the U.S., where traditional Catholics in particular are being targeted, and China, where Catholics are being driven further underground by the Vatican-China deal, according to Yore.

“They’re very threatened by the traditional, conservative Catholics who are calling out the terrible, terrible deal that Francis negotiated at the hands of his serial global predator Ted McCarrick,” Yore told Bannon.

Yore highlighted the article “Pope Xi” by Nina Shea, which Yore said shows that the “disastrous” secretive Vatican-China deal initiated in 2018 “has absolutely destroyed the faithful Catholic Church in China.”

Noting that the terms of the deal have never been made public, Yore pointed out that bishops and priests in China who do not swear an oath to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have been arrested and even tortured since the deal, while some priests have been expelled from their ministry and “sent home.” Meanwhile, crucifixes in churches are being replaced with pictures of Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, she added.

“This has been an ongoing disastrous result that the Vatican is well aware of,” said Yore, noting that not only have groups like Amnesty International “decried” the deal, but “every international religious freedom organization” has said that Christianity there is being ravaged because of it.

According to Yore, Francis is persecuting Catholics around the globe through different means in order to “destroy” Catholicism.

“What Francis has done under the guise of dialoguing with the CCP, he is doing with the rest of the world to destroy the tenets of the Catholic faith, the practice of the Catholic faith,” said Yore.

She acknowledged, as Bannon pointed out, that traditional, conservative Catholics “that are battling to keep sacred our Magisterium” are not only being targeted by Pope Francis and his allies, but by the FBI.

“I think it’s kind of curious… that at the same time Pope Francis is suppressing and destroying the practice of the traditional Mass in America, we have the FBI going after traditional Catholics,” Yore said.

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She recounted the sacking of Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, who stood up for the truths of the Catholic faith, as another example of Francis’ attempts to throttle the Catholic Church.

Bishop Strickland, who Yore described as “a man of fiery steel when it comes to his faith,” defended the right of Catholics to attend the traditional Latin Mass when Francis moved to suppress it with his motu proprio Traditionis Custodes.

Bishop Strickland also “stood up to” the COVID jab push when no other bishop did, noted Yore, and protested the “vile abomination” by which the anti-Catholic “Sisters of the Perpetual Indulgence” drag group was honored by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“Because he has upheld the Gospel, he is tossed out by Francis with virtually no reason whatsoever, no process, no canon law procedure,” said Yore, pointing out that the move is “totally illegal.”

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“And it sends a strong message… to all the bishops of the world: You cross the tyrant in the Vatican and you’re going to be tossed out,” she added.

The silver lining of Bishop Strickland’s removal is that he is now “free to speak his mind,” Yore pointed out. “Frankly, the Church in America needs a voice, needs a general. And he’s now, I think, whether he likes it or not, our general.”

Yore believes Francis has removed Bishop Strickland ultimately because “he wants to create a New World Order church, the one-world religion which will be called ‘the synodal church.’ [It] will be a church without the Bible, without Jesus Christ.”

A recent signal that Francis in fact wants this kind of one-world religion is his recent meeting with Buddhist monks, during which he declared that Jesus and Buddha are both “Great Healers,” said Yore.

She speculated that the Synod on Synodality, which promotes a globalist agenda rather than traditional Catholic doctrine, is being used as a vehicle to usher in this one-world church.

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“The documents for this synod barely mention Jesus, barely mention the Catholic Church, do not mention sin, do not mention hell, do not mention the Blessed Mother – all the tenets of the Church,” said Yore. “All we talk about now in the synodal church of Francis is the agenda of the modernists, the agenda of the global elite: Climate change, LGBT, radical ideology, migration.”

She also recalled that Francis stated in the Abu Dhabi Declaration that God “wills” a “pluralism and diversity” of religions – in other words, “all religions in the One World Church are on one plane together,” said Yore.

“So what Francis was brought on to do is to destroy the Catholic Church, which has always been a bulwark against communism, nihilism, socialism. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the new one-world church is called the synodal church,” she concluded.