MONTREAL, Thu Mar 17, 2011 ( – Earlier this week, one of the organizers of Montreal’s 40 Days for Life campaign in front of the Morgentaler abortion clinic was physically attacked by a young woman who the pro-lifer described as being “obviously upset at our presence.”

Brian Jenkins, who works for Campagne Quebec Vie, the organization behind the local 40 Days vigil, wrote that shortly after he and three other participants had finished praying, the group was approached by a young couple.

“A young lady in her late teens accompanied by a neatly bearded young twenty-something was obviously upset at our presence.  She was the more articulate of the two, demanding that we close down our site,” he related.

“My explanation about the importance of our activity and refusing to acquiesce left her to dismantle it herself, beginning with the guide-wires and then the banner. Any attempt from us to dissuade her failed.

“I appealed to the young man to intervene, but to no avail; my words fell on deaf ears. Rather he presented economic arguments to justify abortion – ‘living in poverty is worse than being dead,’ and thought that our presence was unsympathetic to the girls who have had abortions, for many would feel remorse on seeing our signs. (It did not occur to him that our presence may be curative.)”

As the young woman attempted to walk away with the rolled up banner, Jenkins said he tried to prevent her from taking it, at which point she punched him with such force that he ended up on the ground.

“I grabbed one end without letting go,” he said. “She tried to wrestle it from me, threatened to punch me, and did so. Somehow I ended up with the banner beneath me on the ground. At this point she and the young man left.”

The vigil keeper was stunned by the experience, but also said he felt moved to pray for the young couple.

“Never in my five years of sidewalk counseling in the Bronx, NY, did I experience anything of the kind. Shook up, I invited two of my peers to pray. And so I do likewise with you all; please keep this young lady and her friend close to your hearts.”

For more information on the 40 Days for Life campaign in Montreal, visit the website of Quebec Life Coalition here.

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