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NEW YORK, October 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — In an interview with Laura Ingraham this past Tuesday, White House Coronavirus Task Force adviser Dr. Scott Atlas explained why he is shaking up — in this case, loosening up — public COVID-19 policy.

NBC recently reported remarks made by CDC director Robert Redfield regarding Dr. Atlas, claiming that “everything he says is false.” Dr. Anthony Fauci has similarly accused him of making statements that are “taken either out of context or actually incorrect.”

The CDC has been widely criticized under Redfield’s direction for repeated COVID-19 flip-flops, while Dr. Fauci has been called out for numerous COVID-19 errors and contradictions.

Dr. Atlas himself is openly critical of what until now has been pushed as the official COVID-19 narrative. He has claimed that “partial truths” are being disseminated. “I think it’s very damaging,” Dr. Atlas said.

Since his appointment as a coronavirus adviser to the Trump administration in August of this year, Dr. Atlas has set himself apart from other top health policy–makers by accounting for risk distinctions between the elderly and the physically resilient majority of the population. Dr. Atlas advocates opening schools and society while protecting the vulnerable and avoiding hospital overcrowding.

Recent CDC stats show that for those up to age 19, the COVID-19 survival rate is 99.997%. The rate drops slightly to 99.98% for ages 20–49 and 99.5% for ages 50–69. Those 70 and older have a stated 94.6% survival rate. However, this number likely overestimates COVID-19 fatality because of the extremely high rate of comorbidity and other unaccounted-for factors.

Dr. Atlas has said, “The American people are very afraid. The way to calm fear is to actually know the data and explain it very clearly and logically.”

“It may not be the policy that everyone agrees with, but it happens to be exactly the policy in concert with many of the world’s leading epidemiologists and infectious disease people like Doctors Kulldorff and Yee at Harvard, Doctors Bhattacharya and Ioannidis at Stanford, Doctors Gupta and Heneghan at Oxford University. Personally I think that’s pretty good company for the president,” said Dr. Atlas.

“I’m not here to make friends. I ean there are certain experts that say what I just said. Or some other expert might say, No you shouldn’t wear a mask, and then change to yes, we should wear masks, and then, ‘Oh, everyone should wear goggles.’ You’re not gonna hear me say that,” Dr. Atlas continued.

In her discussion with Dr. Atlas, Ingraham presented new CDC data showing that “ER visits for Covid and Covid-like illnesses are nearly back to baseline from a year ago.” Dr. Atlas confirmed this, saying, “Hospitalizations are down to basically nearly the lowest level since March for Covid.”

Dr. Atlas does not base his policy on isolated statistics, but looks at the bigger picture of the well-being of Americans. He explained his approach: “The key here is that cases are not the most important metric. Now we know that most people don’t have a significant problem here. They key is protect the high risk people, so that people don’t die.”

“Prolonged lockdowns are destroying families, actually killing people from skipped medical care, all kinds of things happening, and this is why I’m here, because public policy counts for the virus,” said Dr. Atlas.