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Dr. Monica Migliorino MillerThe Life Institute

PONTIAC, Michigan (LifeSiteNews) — A Red Rose Rescuer has been released from jail after 34 days, a sentence dealt by a judge after the pro-lifer participated in a counseling effort to save unborn babies from abortion.

Dr. Monica Migliorino Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, was released from her 45-day sentence early Friday morning. Her stay was Judge Cynthia Arvant’s response to a 2022 rescue which took place at a Northland Family Planning abortion facility in Michigan.

A Red Rose Rescue is a form of pro-life activism in which volunteers enter the waiting room of abortion centers, offering red roses and life-affirming alternatives to women planning to kill their unborn babies. The rescues often result in arrest and charges of trespassing, which are accepted by volunteers in an act of solidarity with the unborn.

“Some may think that time in jail is simply a suffering that one must endure,” Miller wrote in a statement following her release. “But the fact is, for a pro-lifer in jail — we continue our witness to the unborn we tried to save — a continuing witness to the sanctity of life in this culture of death.”

“Indeed, when our fellow inmates know why we are in jail — we receive much respect and support!”

Miller shared the many ways in which she, along with her fellow pro-lifers in jail, were able to continue their mission behind bars, including opportunities to counsel pregnant and post-abortive women and praying the rosary with other inmates.

“The jail time was filled with so many blessings — God was working in cell block F 1. We met two women who told us that they had actually given life to their children because of pro-life sidewalk counselors who talked them out of their scheduled abortions at local Detroit-area abortion centers,” she said.

Laura Gies, another Red Rose Rescuer serving a prison sentence alongside Miller, was able to speak with her cell mate — who had previously chosen life thanks to local sidewalk counselors — and convince her to do the same for another baby she was carrying. Miller requested that pro-lifers pray for this woman, named Moneisha.

She also thanked “the very many people who supported me in my jail time,” expressing gratitude for “many letters and emails and so many prayers and Masses [which] were offered.”

Last week, Miller also wrote an open letter to pro-lifers, encouraging them to continue their work to defend the unborn and outlining the case which led her to prison.

“During our trial, we were denied a ‘defense of others’ — as the unborn are not considered others by the legal system tied to the culture of death. Judge Arvant paid homage to the lie of positive law — that no harm occurs when the unborn are mercilessly executed — and so the unborn remain legally hidden from the jury,” she wrote.

According to the letter, the four pro-lifers dealt sentences for the 2022 rescue were given “a probation condition to stay 500 feet from every abortion center in the country for 18 months.”

“My plea to you,” Miller wrote to pro-lifers. “Please pray for the courage of your own pro-life commitment! Consider doing even ONE Red Rose Rescue! Do not fear the sacrifices. Radical acts of evil require our radical acts of love — and those sacrifices join us to the cross of Christ — the cross by which the world is saved!”

Three other volunteers arrested for the same Red Rose Rescue remain in Oakland County Jail. Laura Gies will be released on May 18, Matthew Connolly on June 6, and Father Fidelis Moscinski on June 12.


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