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LOS ANGELES, August 26, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – One of Los Angeles’ most famous streets is closed this week to install a permanent street mural commemorating the fusion of the Black Lives Matter movement and the LGBT agenda.

City officials agreed to paint “All Black Lives Matter” on Hollywood Boulevard.

“Today, after years and years of violence against our Black and queer communities, we are creating the first memorialized space in Los Angeles dedicated to transgender people of color,” explained Los Angeles councilman Mitch O’Farrell, a homosexual, last week.

“As the site of the first nationally recognized Gay Pride Parade in the nation, Hollywood must be and will be the safe space designated for this landmark distinction.”

The slogan “All Black Lives Matter,” modifying the more common “Black Lives Matter” to include people who are confused about their gender, was first painted on the street “with large all-capital letters” in June. The word “Matter” was painted in rainbow colors.

On June 14, at the height of the coronavirus crisis, the “All Black Lives Matter” march took place in Los Angeles, featuring thousands of participants.

“The installation of the ‘All Black Lives Matter’ commemorative sign on Hollywood Boulevard was extremely emotional for me as a Black trans man,” said Luckie Alexander, the mural’s artist. “This is something that will let our Black LGBTQ+ community, especially our Black trans siblings, know they are seen, valid and valued.”

The Black Lives Matter movement in Los Angeles, as well as local groups supporting gender ideology, are not alone in their attempts to combine both movements.

In order to celebrate “Pride Month” last June, tech giant Google published two self-congratulatory articles praising the company’s support of both homosexuality and gender ideology. The articles attempted to frame support for these issues, as well as support for the black community, as part of the same struggle.

According to one of the articles released on Google’s official blog The Keyword, “LGBTQ+ people of color — and in particular Black trans women and trans women of color — helped lead the fight against hate and injustice” at the Compton’s Cafeteria riots in San Francisco in 1966 and at the Stonewall riots in New York in 1969.

“In many respects, the modern-day LGBTQ+ movement for equality was born from these rebellious acts and the many events preceding them,” Google wrote.

Without mentioning the ubiquitous slogan “Black Lives Matter,” the article then proceeded to tie in the current riots with the pro-homosexuality riots in the 1960s.

“For those within the Black+ and LGBTQ+ community — especially Black+ trans women — the injustices we’re seeing today are a reminder of past and present struggles for equity, justice, and equality under the law. We believe communities must show up for one another, and we stand in solidarity with the Black+ community across the world, honoring the longstanding Pride tradition of unity.”

Google bragged about spending millions of dollars on advancing the progressive agenda of homosexuality and gender ideology. Overall, the tech giant funded more than 70 anti-decency organizations with more than $1.2 million across the globe.

One article highlighted several of those projects.

The Colorado-based Transformative Freedom Fund, for instance, aims “to support the authentic selves of transgender Coloradans by removing financial barriers to transition-related health care.”

“COVID-19 has acutely impacted our community — gender-affirming surgeries have been rescheduled after years of waiting, and there are increased barriers to accessing necessary medical care or hormones,” the group claimed.

Some of the organizations supported by Google are catering to very specific niches.

Australian group Black Rainbow provides “advocacy and leadership to Indigenous Australians who identify as LGBQTI.”

In South Africa, “Pride of Africa exists to liberate every LGBTQ+ African so they can live their most authentic life.”

Additionally, Google is giving another $1.2 million to The Trevor Project, which offers “crisis intervention and suicide prevention services” to young people, essentially affirming them in their confusion about their sexuality.

Once again, the article attempted to frame support for blacks and support for homosexuality and transgenderism as one fight.

“While Black LGBTQ+ youth have similar mental health disparities compared with all LGBTQ+ youth, they’re significantly less likely to receive professional mental health care, and Black children die by suicide at nearly twice the rate of their white peers,” the article argued. “The Trevor Project’s continued targeted outreach to LGBTQ+ Black youth is incredibly important, and the organization offers resources to help allies be more supportive.”

Google even mentioned the coronavirus pandemic as another factor supposedly proving the systemic disadvantage for homosexuals and those claiming to be a member of the opposite sex.

“COVID-19 has shown us that vulnerable communities, including LGBTQ+, too often bear the brunt of any crisis,” Google wrote. “This means that local LGBTQ+ organizations are serving as a critical safety net for those in need, whether they’re helping someone find a bed in a shelter, offering healthcare services, or advocating for more inclusive and equitable policies. Lives depend on these organizations.”