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The Myth of the Moderate Democrat – by Dick Morris
Don’t assume that the 38 Democrats who voted against Nancy Pelosi’s extremist version of health care reform wouldn’t have supported it if their votes had been needed. The days before the final passage on Saturday were not filled with stirring appeals to get Democrats to back the bill so much as an auction to decide whom to let off the hook.

Knowing that the bill will likely be political suicide for any red state Democratic congressman, particularly if he is a freshman, the House leadership had to negotiate with its members to assure that the 38 defectors were the ones who needed political cover the most. That there would be 38 Democrats who would oppose the bill was preordained. Who they would be was the subject of negotiations right up to the wire.

The real question facing the voters is whether they will be deceived by this sleight of hand in which moderate Democrats pretend that the bill was passed over their objections. Once, the voters might have fallen for this trickery. But not now. The electorate is far too well informed to believe that any Democratic congressman really opposed this bill. In the Senate, where 60 votes are needed, there can be no such shell games. All Democrats must report for duty for this bill to pass.

Laura Ingraham and Raymond Arroyo Discuss USCCB's Support For Current Health Care Bill
“Does this plan violate core Catholic principles? And just as Judie Brown points out, does it lead us down the in vitro fertilization, contraceptive, rationed health care path? What about the elderly? The elderly are targetted. There's a split, I believe, between the bishops and the staff (of the USCCB) on these key principles. More than 50 bishops came out and said 'wait a minute, the entire architecture of this plan violates the Catholic principle of subsidiarity, where the best decisions are made at the local levels with the least burueaucracy'. The House bill violates that. Everyone wants universal health care. The question is how do do that.”
Laura Ingraham show Nov. 13:

The healthcare bill in its entirety is an abomination against the sanctity of life that we must attempt to stop – Jill Stanek. I appreciate the research ALL has conducted and the work it is doing to stop the healthcare monstrosity.

Union Contracts of Health Care Workers Would Inflate Health Care Costs – Heritage Foundation

A government takeover of the health care industry would facilitate widespread union organizing of health care workers. Many studies show that collective bargaining makes health care more expensive.

The Heritage Foundation calculations estimate that greater unionization would raise the cost of hospital coverage by approximately $27 billion in 2013 and by $192 billion in the 2013-2018 period. Widespread unionization of the health care sector would make a government-run “public plan” much more expensive than currently advertised.

Behind the scenes, organized labor—and especially the Service Employees International Union (SEIU)—has played a critical role. The SEIU particularly supports the public plan and has emerged as its strongest advocate.[2]

Who Did Nancy Lie to, the Bishops or Her Liberal Friends? – Jill Stanek
I am increasingly wondering how Democrats, particularly Nancy Pelosi, are going to get themselves out of this jam. It is becoming clearer that while Nancy made an agreement with Catholic bishops to take abortion out of the healthcare bill, her liberal friends thought she intended to break that deal later.

We now know there were actually bishops in Pelosi's office and she was on the phone to Rome before agreeing to the pro-life Stupak/Pitts amendment to the House healthcare bill. That was a serious handshake.

Other lawmakers said, in effect, that they voted for the Stupak amendment but didn't really mean it, because they expected the amendment to be stripped out later, either in the Senate or in a conference committee. The simple math in the House suggests the health bill wouldn't have passed without the votes of the moderates who came to the “yes” side after the Stupak amendment….

Texas Governor Perry Says Obama Taking U.S. Toward Socialism

Abortion Funding and Health Care by Michael F. Cannon
Meanwhile, Catholics should be outraged at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (to which my grandfather served as counsel). Yes, the USCCB helped prevent taxpayer funding of abortions in the House bill. But at the same time, those naughty bishops have abandoned the Church’s doctrine of subsidiarity by endorsing the rest of the Democrats’ plan to centralize power in Washington. As it happens, Caesar is the main source of funding for Catholic hospitals. That may explain why the bishops are so eager to render unto, ahem, Him.

Newsweek's Clift Laments Impact of Pro-life Democrats on Health Care Bill
[D]itching the amendment advanced by pro-life Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak is unlikely.