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December 1, 2011 ( – LifeSIteNews’ Latin America Correspondent Matthew Cullinan Hoffman has recently returned from a two-week Brazilian speaking tour on the dangerous rise of the homosexual movement and its link to the corrupted sexual morals of heterosexuals.

Hoffman spoke to a large number of Catholic bishops and priests, as well as Evangelical ministers and laity, who received his message with gratitude. Three of the talks were live-streamed on the internet and a fourth was recorded for possible distribution by a Protestant family ministry.

Two of the talks can be found here beginning at 1:03:30, and here at 15:20 (the second talk lacked audio until that moment).


“The topic of homosexuality has become a very sensitive topic in recent years,” noted Hoffman in his opening remarks. “The reason that it a sensitive topic is that the homosexual movement has been very successful in its approach, in its program, in reaching its goals, which are to change the culture. “

“The homosexual movement has created a situation in society in which it is virtually impossible to criticize the movement without being portrayed as hateful, almost like a racist,” said Hoffman. “They have created an image of themselves as an oppressed minority group, and if anyone criticizes their movement they are hateful, they are cruel, they are advocating violence against homosexuals” so that “it is virtually impossible in society today, or people perceive it as impossible, to oppose their movement.”

“Well I am going to break the rule today. I am going to criticize their movement. Not out of hate, it is not hatred. That is part of the lie. It is motivated by love. We cannot separate truth from love.  God is both. God is truth, veritas, he is also love, caritate. Veritas in caritate. We cannot separate the two. We cannot divide God, and we cannot betray the truth, and we are not being charitable to homosexuals if we lie to them,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman’s talks addressed the violent origin and methods of the homosexual movement, beginning in 1969 with the Stonewall Riots and the foundation of the Gay Liberation Front, and the movement’s shockingly anti-family, anti-Christian agenda.

He also addressed the devastating physiological, psychological, and spiritual consequences of the “gay” lifestyle, noting the sky-high level of communicable diseases, cancer, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, promiscuity, and violence found in their community.

Hoffman’s talks also addressed what he regards as the root of the homosexual movement as well as abortion: the use of artificial birth control, which separates the sexual act from its procreative function, converting it into an egoistical, hedonistic act in which a couple treats one another as an object. Contraception, he argued, lays the foundation for both abortion and homosexual behavior, both of which assume that the sex act can be used for mere animal pleasure, without any transcendent meaning, purpose, or responsibility.

Hoffman’s appearances began with two talks given at the Second International Congress for Truth and Life in Sao Paulo. Hoffman then traveled to Rio de Janeiro where he spoke before ministers, seminarians and laity at the Campos dos Alfonsos Baptist Church, the Oikos Ministry, the First Baptist Theological Seminary, and a discussion group headed by Catholic auxiliary bishop Antonio Augusto Dias. As a medical doctor, Dias was able to confirm Hoffman’s words regarding the unhealthy consequences of homosexual behavior.

Upon returning to Mexico, Hoffman again gave the talk at a congress of the National Pro-Life Committee, as well another talk reviewing the overall situation in the pro-life and pro-family movement in Latin America.

Hoffman says he was encouraged by the strongly positive reception in which his talks were received, especially given the controversial nature of the topics addressed.


“Both the homosexual movement and the issue of contraception have become hush-hush topics among Christians, especially in Latin America, where few are willing to raise their voice against them,” Hoffman said. “Just by breaking the silence on these topics and talking about the scientific, medical, and ethical realities related to homosexualism, we are making the first step to combating one of the greatest threats to the family today.”