LSN's Matthew Hoffman speaks on culture of death at Brazilian Evangelical conference

February 21, 2013, ( - Latin America Correspondent Matthew Hoffman warned participants at a national conference for Brazilian Evangelicals earlier this month that homosexualist ideology is destructive to both homosexuals and society as a whole.

"Not all homosexuals practice the gay lifestyle," Hoffman said, speaking in Portuguese, "but the movement wants to impose the acceptance of homosexual sexual acts on society and to have access to children and adolescents to promote their philosophy."

"This is an assault on the culture, on the natural law, and on international human rights law," Hoffman added.

The talk was one of three given by Hoffman on human life and family issues at the fifteenth annual National Vision for a Christian Consciousness (VINACC) conference, and the first annual National Association of Evangelical Jurist (ANAJURE) conference in the Brazilian city of Campina Grande, Paraiba, which concluded last week.

Hoffman's talk on the destructiveness of the homosexual movement and "gay" ideology was covered on the front page of the local Correio da Paraiba newspaper, which called his arguments "incisive." Hoffman also did an 20-minute interview at Campina Grande's Panoramica radio station (97.3 FM), adressing a variety of topics.

The reporter's statements provoked an angry reaction from Luiz Mott, Brazil's principal gay ideologue and defender of pederasty, who called Hoffman a "son of disgrace."

Hoffman's talks included: "The Homosexual Movement: Ideologies, Strategies, and Goals," "The Spiritual and Psychological Roots of the Culture of Death," and "The Global Strategy of the Culture of Death." Hoffman also participated in panel discussions on "The Limitation of Religious Liberty, of Liberty of Expression, and of Liberty of Thought: Concrete Examples," and "Thou Shalt not Kill vs. the Culture of Death."

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Hoffman's second talk identified the practice of contraception the root perversion underlying the sexual revolution, and showed how the contraceptive mentality leads to fornication, divorce, the objectification of women and children, abortion, sodomy, and worse. Audience members applauded the talk and appeared very open to Hoffman's thesis.

The VINACC conference gathers Evangelicals from throughout Brazil and other parts of Latin America every year, and has a strong focus on the right to life and the defense of sexual morality. An estimated 15,000 people attended this year's conference.

"I was very impressed by the strong support I found for the culture of life among VINACC participants and Brazilian Evangelicals in general," said Hoffman following the conferences, adding that "Brazil's very pro-life culture has consistently enabled the population to resist initiatives by the government to permit the killing of the unborn and to recognize homosexual unions."

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