NEVADA, IA, July 13, 2001 ( – Lutherans For Life, an inter-Lutheran, pro-life educational organization, has released a paper on its opposition to “destruction of embryonic children” which results from embryonic stem cell research. The Lutheran group calls on all Christians who believe in the Bible to uphold the teachings of the Word of God regarding the sanctity of human life and oppose such destructive research.

Basing its main argument on the fact that “embryonic stem cell research necessarily involves the intentional destruction of a human life (and that) human life begins at conception”, the group notes Christians must oppose such research since “It is a Scriptural fact that human life is a gift from God.”

The group provides Biblical evidence for countering the main argument of those supporting this research – that there is so much potential for curing disease and alleviating suffering. Lutherans For Life notes that Bible believers are to adhere to the words of St. Paul in rejecting the utilitarian philosophy that says, “Let us do evil that good may result” (Romans 3:8).