NEVADA, IA, Sept 2 ( – On Tuesday, Lutherans For Life (LFL) responded to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s decision to reaffirm its pro-abortion position at its recent Churchwide Assembly in Denver, CO on August 21. In their release LFL stressed that “the failure of the ELCA to take a definitive stance on abortion reflects neither the historical position of the Christian Church nor the historical position of Lutherans.”

LFL reflected that the ELCA is “falling for Satan’s old trick of calling ‘evil good’ and ‘darkness light’,” and in doing so, “allows its members to become comfortable with a sin that has been sanitized with societal coatings of choice and freedom.” The release charges that there are grave consequences for the ELCA’s membership. “Many ELCA members – women, men,  families – who are struggling with the sin of abortion are being excluded from the Hope of the Gospel of Christ, for when the ELCA gives in to Satan’s rhetoric and refuses to call abortion sin, the Gospel can never be applied to that sin.”