TORONTO, Mar 4 (LSN) – The March 9 issue of Macleans magazine released today discusses euthanasia including detailed coverage of the Nancy Morrison trial. One of the pieces tells the saga of 83-year-old Kay Seaton’s near brush with death.  According to the article, less than five hours after Seaton slipped into a coma in December, physicians at a suburban Toronto hospital told her two sons that, on arrival, she had instructed them to take her off a respirator within 48 hours if she lost consciousness. The deadline fell on Christmas Day, and the doctors said she had a 10-per-cent chance of survival on her own. Despite objections from her two sons, she was taken off life support.  Thankfully, she regained consciousness three days later and was out of hospital by Jan.11. Mrs. Seaton was very shaken by the event and says she has no recollection of giving such an instruction to the doctors.  The magazine can be viewed on line at: