March 22, 2012 ( – Pop singer Madonna Ciccone’s recent promise to “speak up” for the “gay community” in St. Petersburg, Russia, at an upcoming performance there, has been met by a city representative who says she will be fined if she violates a city ordinance against homosexual propaganda aimed at minors.

The singer, whose risqué, hypersexualized performances are supported by a large homosexual fan base, made the promise after being asked by a Russian-American lesbian activist to cancel her August concert in St. Petersburg in protest of the law, which was recently instituted by the city’s government.

However, calling herself a “freedom fighter” who doesn’t “run away from adversity,” the singer has announced that she will “come to St. Petersburg to speak up for the gay community, to support the gay community and to give strength and inspiration to anyone who is or feels oppressed.”


“I will speak during my show about this ridiculous atrocity,” she added.

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Deputy Vitaly Milonov, who authored the law, said he intends to be present at the event and is promising that “if Madonna or one of the organizers of the concert breaks the city law, they will be punished.”  Milonov said that the $170 fine applicable to individuals individual would be levied against her, an amount that is not likely to deter the performer.

However, Ciccone’s promise to use her appearance to promote the gay agenda in St. Petersburg has not placated local homosexual activists, who say that she should have canceled the event. They are promising to boycott her concert and protest it themselves.

Homosexual activist Yury Gavrikov told the French Press Agency that the Gay Russia movement will “protest against the hypocrisy of pop stars” who “have fantastic earnings, and this allows them to forget about the problems of human rights.”

“If people like Madonna boycott their concerts particularly in Saint Petersburg that could have economic consequences, and that is important, while declarations of support for gay rights at concerts mean nothing,” he said.

Peter LaBarbera of the family-values group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) told LifeSiteNews that he regards the St. Petersburg legislation as a reaction to the behavior of the homosexual movement in other countries, which has become increasingly offensive and abusive with every legal victory.

The Russians are “trying to learn from America’s out-of-control pro-homosexual activism and the fact that our family law structure, our legal structure is being changed to accommodate perversion, and Christian religious speech is now suffering at the hands of this ever-expanding homosexual activism,” said LaBarbera. “And who could blame the Russians for trying to learn from America?”

“We have a gay rights monster in our midst that continues to make escalating demands, that has seemingly no concern for religious liberty, for traditional values,” LaBarbera said.

“Who could blame these peoples not only in Russia but throughout the world for looking to America, looking to the West and saying ‘how can we prevent this?’ And my advice to them would be: don’t let the genie out of the bottle, because another lesson from the west is that once you grant so called ‘rights’ it’s almost impossible to take them away.”