Claim Canada’s Foreign Minister Is An Admitted Bisexual

OTTAWA, February 19, 2002 ( – Canada’s newly appointed Foreign Affairs Minister, Bill Graham, is a darling of the homosexual activist community having constantly supported pro-homosexuality initiatives including homosexual marriage. However, last year a Toronto-based homosexual magazine called Fab published an interview with Lawrence Metherel, a former male prostitute, who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with the Graham, dating back to 1980 when Metherel was 15.

The story has gone unchallenged by Graham’s constituency office, which admitted to LifeSite that it had heard of the story. As a result the issue has become a major embarrassment for Canada as it was picked up in the US publication Front Page Magazine, which repeated the allegations Feb 14 in a story entitled “Bill Graham: Canada’s Latest Shame.”

The mainstream press in Canada has touched on the issue in a secondhand fashion as the TorStar corporation’s Eye weekly Toronto paper has come out in defense of Graham. Eye columnist Sky Gilbert wrote on Feb 14 that “the first thing you need to know is that Bill Graham is gay,” and goes on to say that any interest in Graham’s controversial past is evidence of homophobia.

While his bio on the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs says: “He and his wife Catherine have two children: Katherine Helen and Patrick William,” Eye says, “Almost everyone in the gay community knows that Graham is gay.” Moreover, Eye calls Metherel “an ex-boyfriend of Graham’s” and Graham’s “spurned lover.”

Canadian delegations to the United Nations, under previous foreign affairs Ministers, have been one of the world leaders in pushing a mandated radical sexual agenda on the rest of the world, with total disregard for national cultural and religious traditions. Mr. Graham’s appointment begs the question of just how much further the Liberal government is determined to advance this agenda.

Calls to the Press Secretary of Minister Graham were not returned by press time.

See the reports in Front Page and Eye: