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PORTLAND, Maine, December 13, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Teachers in Portland, Maine are now required to use students’ prefered gender pronouns and side with the children if their parents object to enabling their gender confusion.

The teachers will also be forced to undergo training on transgenderism. They are not allowed to tell parents if their children identify as transgender unless the children allow them to do so.

When the Portland Board of Education voted on this, not a single person opposed it at the meeting, the Press Herald reported.

This policy also allows students to use the bathrooms designated for the other sex and play on sports teams for the opposite sex. Dress codes must be gender-neutral, the policy says.

One of the architects of the policy is attorney Mary Bonauto, who successfully argued in Obergefell v. Hodges that marriage should be redefined to include same-sex couples.

“An educational institution in no case should require medical or mental health records as proof of a student’s gender identity,” the policy states.

If there’s a “credible and objective reason to believe that a transgender or gender expansive student’s gender identity is being asserted for an improper purpose,” then the school may request “family photographs” or medical records to verify the gender confusion.

The policy repeatedly refers to the gender identities of students that are “asserted at school,” suggesting that the students may be identifying as another gender outside of school.

There will be an annual “in-service training” for teachers on this policy during which material promoting “transgender and gender expansive issues” will be distributed to school staff.

School officials will be forced to comply if students request that their gender be changed in official records.