By Kathleen Gilbert

AUGUSTA, Maine, May 4, 2009 ( – Maine’s senate voted 20-15 Thursday to approve the state’s same-sex “marriage” legislation. 

Support and disapproval for LD 1020, which had sparked an emotional and lengthy debate in the Democrat-led chamber, closely followed party lines.

While an amendment to require a statewide referendum on the issue was rejected 22-13, true marriage supporters are likely to petition for a people’s veto referendum.

LD 1020 is now up for consideration in Maine’s House of Representatives this week.  Democrat Gov. John Baldacci has said he is opposed to same-sex “marriage,” but it is uncertain whether he will veto the bill.

If approved by the House and governor, the bill would make Maine the fifth state in the U.S. to recognize same-sex “marriage.” 

“With progress in New Hampshire and a win in Vermont, winning in Maine could put us only one state away from our goal,” said Lee Swislow, executive director of Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, in a statement.  The homosexualist legal group has stated that they intend to make same-sex “marriage” legal in every New England state by 2012.

While marriage is on track to deconstruction in Maine and New Hampshire, where similar legislation awaits the governor’s signature, Rhode Island has seen an uptick in true marriage leadership.

Last week, Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence spurred his flock to recognize and fight the threat of the homosexualist agenda against religious freedom.  Earlier this month, Rhode Island’s Gov. Donald Carcieri announced he would support the true marriage campaign.

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