TORONTO, December 16, 2003 ( – The results of a new poll demonstrate that Canadians who are committed to a religious faith are opposed to any compromise on traditional marriage.  A COMPAS poll of 1000 Canadians commissioned by the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Catholic Civil Rights League has found that 69% of people of faith oppose allowing homosexual civil unions as a compromise measure in the homosexual ‘marriage’ debate.  The survey asked respondents which of the following statements most closely reflected their views:  “Any surrender on the issue of same sex unions would be a defeat to the institution of marriage. We should vigorously oppose ANY type of civil union for same sex couples because we should not compromise on an issue of principle.” 69% supported this statement.

“It is probably impossible to deny some type of union for same sex couples. Rather than put traditional marriage at risk, we should accept Civil Union for same sex couples as a compromise.”  27% support

Five per cent responded, “Don’t know”.