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ASBURY PARK, New Jersey (LifeSiteNews) – A national poll shows that most civic-minded Americans support Canada’s truckers.

Yesterday Rasmussen Reports released results from a national poll of likely American voters that show “most American voters support the so-called ‘Freedom Convoy’ — and think a similar protest here would be a good idea.” 

The report stated that 59 per cent of US voters overall support the Canadian freedom movement, with 42 per cent “strongly” in support. 

Those polled were asked the following questions: 

  1. 1. Multiple cities in Canada and border crossings with the United States have been the site of protests against COVID-19 vaccine mandates by convoys of Canadian truckers. Do you support or oppose the Canadian trucker protests?
  2. 2. Some leaders of the truck protests have said they won’t leave until Canada’s COVID-19 restrictions are ended. Should Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau end COVID-19 restrictions?
  3. 3. Some people in the United States have suggested that American truckers should stage protests like the ones in Canada. Would you support or oppose trucker protests against COVID-19 restrictions in the United States?

The news comes as Joe Biden’s approval rating is tanking, and as even Democrat states are dropping mask mandates under public pressure inspired by the Canadian phenomenon. 

The majority of those polled also believe that Trudeau should end Canada’s draconian COVID restrictions. 

Presently, Canadian provinces are opening up as pressure continues to be applied to all levels of government. Besides the demonstration in Ottawa, there are similar protests around the country.  

Yesterday, Ontario Premier Doug Ford came out against the efficacy of vaccine passports, only a day after supporting Trudeau’s intention to use emergency powers to end the Ottawa protest. 

The Rasmussen report also showed that a majority of Americans would support a US-based trucker convoy, with Republicans and Independents showing strong support, while Democrats did not. 

Hispanics are traditionally seen as an important voting block for the Democrats, but Hispanics who were polled showed levels of support for Canadian truckers similar to those of Republican voters.